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Roker Rhymes: Two Games Have Gone, But This Shouldn't Take Long

Roker Rhymes is back again!
Roker Rhymes is back again!

Awwww COME ON! How on earth is the world a fair place when I have to sit through all of the FA Cup game at the weekend (half of which was pretty dire), then am stuck at work for yesterday's wonder performance?

Not overly chuffed about that, but I'll have a go at putting a few rhymes together about the game tonight, as well as having a look at that game against 'Boro on Sunday.

So, might as well stop muttering and just get on with it yeah? Welcome along to another Roker Rhymes.

This is a bloody busy week, for all at SAFC,
But here I am to tell you about it, so sit tight and listen to me.
Two down one to go in seven days of fun, that gets busier all the time,
Yes we struggled in the cup - but we're still in it, and the league we're beginning to climb.

So Sunday's where it all started, when Boro visited the Stadium of Light,
But the first half came and went, without us showing much fight.
Although Robson's goal was pretty tidy, we just weren't really up to scratch,
But thankfully we played much better, in the second half of the match.

The first forty-five minutes were poor, and we didn't really know what to do,
Went in at half time a goal down, and my word it should have been two.
Our boy Fraizer Campbell returned though, after over 500 days of woe,
And replaced the big man Connor Wickham, who didn't really put on a show.

Our front three as it were second half, at times they took Boro to bits,
McClean, Sessegnon and Campbell, had their defence at the end of its wits.
A draw was probably fair in the end, and at least our name is still in the hat,
Which is a bloody wonderful thing really, and there's no denying that.

Which brings us onto Wednesday, when Norwich were our next tricky test,
But under the new regime, our home form really is the best.
And the three points that we took last night, were courtesy of some more stunning goals,
When it comes to the end of the football year, we'll be topping all of the strike of the season polls.

Since Marty took over we've scored 'worldys', at a quite phenomenal rate,
As the screamers have been flying in, some of the best goals that I've seen to date.
And last night things were certainly no different, it was Fraizer who took the first turn,
Then Sess's notch was a hell of a team effort, and for goals like this we've started to yearn.

Bardo can try and claim the last one, but it's going to have to go down as an OG,
But put that aside and three points, will certainly do for me.
My word what a difference the boss makes, before we weren't good, we were barely even stable,
But if the season started when Marty took over, we'd be sat at the top of the table!

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