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The Roker Report Podcast: Episode 47 - Would You Kill A Puppy To Save Sess?

Welcome along folks to Episode 47 of The Roker Report Podcast. A delightful little show where the worlds of Sunderland AFC and animal slaughter collide.

In what was a very odd show, your genial host Simon Walsh was joined by both David Boyle and Dan Williams to talk a load of arse, in all meanings of the phrase as we chatted some absolute rubbish, and disected two games against Arsenal. But it doesn't stop there, here's what else was on the go...

The quotes Stephane Sessegnon recently came out with.

Titus Bramble's big day in court.

New deal for McClean?

Thierry Henry - The man, the myth, the applause.

Mignolet vs Westwood

Puppy sacrifice in order to keep Sessegnon at the club.

And much, much more...

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That'll do you, enjoy the show.

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