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The Week That Was: A Load Of Arsenal Buildup, Plus Lots More!

The Week That Was - You really don't need any thing else to get ready for the Arsenal game today!
The Week That Was - You really don't need any thing else to get ready for the Arsenal game today!

Welcome back to your Saturday morning, essential preview feature "The Week That Was"... because there was a week, and we want to show you just what we did. Among other things anyway. We'll start you off however with all the links you need to be on to get prepared for today's visit of Arsenal.

  • Preview: The preview is the place to get fully psyched up for the game. We've all the latest team news and information, plus of course stuff you don't need but really, really want like music, betting, predictions and a trip down memory lane. Get involved - CLICK HERE
  • Fan Focus: I like it when we play Arsenal, as we tend to get to talk to our mucker and fellow blogger/podcaster/pundit Adrian Clarke. He's just like us, except he used to be/is really good at football. In fact so good, he used to play for the Arsenal, so he's well placed to give us some opinions. He did just that in Fan Focus, so have a read - CLICK HERE
  • Podcast: It's good to talk... isn't it? ISN'T IT? Well we like to think so, and seems you lot think so to, so if you like your Roker Report to be audible, this is for you. Hit up this handy link to find a million and one ways to listen to us ramble about SAFC. Ok so there's only four, but that's more than enough. No excuse - CLICK HERE
  • Cult Heroes: David Boyle's back with his Cult Heroes for Arsenal, and he profiled a universally liked player from both sides, or so I'd like to think. Yes, you guessed it... Steve Bould!... No not really, we've done him, it was the other fella that fits the bill, Stefan Schwarz. Read here - CLICK HERE.

Is that us done? Not even close Jimmy-Lad, not even close. So continue reading if you've had enough or Arsenal and want some other SAFC related goodness...

Starting Monday where there was plenty of reaction to the Stoke City game on the site. Starting you off with a wonderful bit of tactical analysis in the feature you all know and love as "Talking Tactics"...

Click Here to read Talking Tactics: Stoke City

Tony Pulis wasn't happy after that game, and to be fair, neither were we with him. Therefore we used our prized weapon, Michael Graham to give Pulis an earful. Other Premier League managers beware, you could be next, and he's vicious...

Click Here to read Captain's Blog

Further angst followed on Tuesday with a Top Ten/Roker Ramble based all upon the humble goal celebration. Well, actually most aren't particularly humble, they're pre-rehearsed "look at me" rubbish which has no place in the game. Oh dear, I'm getting wound up again. Just read this...

Click Here for some annoying goal celebrations

We like to speak to SAFC's great and good here at Roker Report, and Dan Williams was a lucky man as he got to chat with former SAFC striker Mickey Bridges. A top fella, and a top chat. Dan's alright too. You'll want to read this for some extraordinary tales of his SAFC days, including a belter about Dariusz Kubicki...

Click Here to read our interview with Michael Bridges

Then of course there was the FA Cup replay against Middlesbrough, a 2-1 triumph in extra time thanks to Stephane Sessegnon's goal. We of course had plenty of stuff surrounding the game, including the profiling of Stewart Downing in Cult Heroes, Talking Tactics reviewing the game in depth, or for those who don't like to get too deep there was the Match Report...

Click Here to read Stewart Downing in Cult Heroes

Click Here for Talking Tactics: Middlesbrough

Click Here for the Middlesbrough Match Report

And that was that for a week. There was also our daily news bulletins posted every night at 6:30pm, and they'll be continuing for the foreseeable future, so make sure you check back every weekday night.

Over the weekend we've still got an Arsenal match report to come, and our latest piece for the Durham Times. Don't go touching that dial/keyboard, and keep it Roker Report!

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