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Sunderland AFC Half-Season Player Grades: Part II

We're back with the second part of our grades for every single player in the squad. You can read the first half HERE, and below we go through the remainder of the squad. Do you agree, disagree? Let us know in the comments section.

Tom Dulat

18. David Meyler

Strangely Meyler has a reputation as a really good midfielder. He's not, he's just an ok one. His versatility, age and happy-go-lucky attitude are all plus points for Meyler, but his ability is something that may just let him down slightly. Overall, he could well have a future here. This season's seen him look alright for us, and by all reports he's impressed at Hull City too. Grade: C (Last Season: D)

19. Titus Bramble

Well, at least there's been no off the field incidents to report (yet) for Bramble. Without a doubt his time on Wearside has run out, just as his contract does, and it's unlikely we'll see that much of him. On the pitch though this season it's just the same as it ever was for Bramble. The constant feeling of fear and dread every time he goes near the ball continues to emanate throughout the stands. Grade: D (Last Season: F)

20. Keiren Westwood

As expected, he's been limited to cup action this season. On that very small run though he hardly covered himself in glory. He's just a perfectly good back up and little else at the moment. I'be a feeling O'Neill will be shifting him on. Grade: D (Last Season: C)

21. Adam Johnson

He was the signing we all craved for years, and this summer our dreams were turned into reality. However, it's been a slow start to live on Wearside for Adam, and despite a few really good games there's been much more games where he hasn't really shown himself enough. On the plus side, as we head into the second half of the season, he's been better more often than not, so perhaps just a case of finding his feet in his new surroundings. Grade: B (Last Season: N/A)

22. Simon Mignolet

Mignolet has emerged this season as a truly class 'keeper. He's made some superb stops over the course of the season, and has seemed to be... less flappy. Certainly more in control of his defence and it's been a pleasure to watch him come of age this season. Hopefully he's our 'keeper, our Belgian 'keeper for quite some time yet. Grade: A (Last Season: B)

23. James McClean

McClean struggled in the early part of the season, and really found it difficult to find the form that made him a star a year ago. Since then though, some much improved performances have seen him get back in the good books, even if some cannot forgive him for Poppygate. Generally though for McClean it's been a mixed bag of a season, but at least he's improving. Grade: C (Last Season: A)

24. Carlos Cuellar

I've been very impressed with Carlos Cuellar so far this season. I really didn't expect to either, but he's been comfortably our best defender not named Danny Rose. He's been a commanding presence in central defence, and although he's been slightly less effective at right-back, we know he's not going to be in that position forever. Delighted with how he's done so far. Grade: B (Last Season: N/A)

25. Louis Saha

In stark contrast to Cuellar, Saha has been a major disappointment. He looks like he's just got nothing at all left in the tank and is a waste of space nearly every time he steps on the pitch. It doesn't look like he'll be getting too many more chances or sticking around for the long-term anyway. Grade: E (Last Season: N/A)

26. Steven Fletcher

After starting the season on fire, things have fizzled out a little for Fletcher. That's not to say he's been bad by any stretch, he's been absolutely top draw since arriving in the summer for a large fee. The only thing that could be of benefit to Fletcher is a little bit of help, as Sessegnon doesn't seem to want to be anywhere near him. Even when feeding on scraps though, it's hard to argue that Fletcher hasn't been a great signing. Grade: A (Last Season: N/A)

27. Ahmed Elmohamady

Rarely used before he was shipped off to Hull City, where it's likely he'll never return from. All in all, he's a bit of a dud. Grade: F (Last Season: D)

28. Stephane Sessegnon

It's been a season so far where Sessegnon doesn't seem to have progressed or regressed, just remained the same mix of a few poor games interspersed with moments of magic. When he fancies it, he can get the better of anyone but sometimes he just doesn't seem to fancy it. If he is going to play through the middle he'd be better served thinking like a striker a little more and getting in and around Fletcher. Overall, good, but room for improvement. Grade: B (Last Season: A)

33. Ryan Noble

A decent preseason but he hasn't capitalised on that, and looks set for the exit door sooner rather than later. Obviously we can't judge him on anything he's done this season for us as he hasn't played, but according to all reports he hasn't recaptured his previous loan form at Hartlepool. Grade: N/A (Last Season: N/A)

34. Blair Adams

With Danny Rose's incredible form it looks as though there's no way in for Adams. He's been shipped off on loan once again to Coventry and has expressed that he wouldn't mind staying. It looks the likely outcome for a once highly-touted player. Grade: N/A (Last Season: N/A)

42. John Egan

Another who had a very good preseason but having been on loan at Bradford has picked up a nasty knock and looks set for a lengthy spell on the sidelines. Hopefully he comes back sharp as we know the management and many fans think very highly of him. Grade: N/A (Last Season: N/A)

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