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Villas-Boas: No Permanent Move For Rose

Speaking after Tottenham Hotspur's 2-1 win at Sunderland, Andre Villas-Boas has told reporters that Danny Rose will not be leaving White Hart Lane permanently.

Tom Dulat

According to quotes emerging from the post-match interviews at the Stadium Of Light, the cap has been put on a relatively crappy day for Sunderland with Tottenham Hotspur boss Andre Villas-Boas has ruled out Danny Rose's move to Sunderland on a permanent deal.

Speaking post-match Villas-Boas said of any such move;

Completely impossible. We have big expectations for him in the future. Our idea is that he comes back to Tottenham next year.

Now then, there's a number of ways to take this. We can take it at face value and accept that Rose isn't coming back to us for anything more than the remainder of the season, and in the summer we're going to be tasked once again with looking to fill one of the most problematic positions at the club.

The other would be that we know Tottenham are absolute bastards to negotiate with, and know that we want him pretty badly. Hence they're saying things like this drive the price up.

At the moment though it doesn't look particularly great for our chances of keeping one of the best loan signings in the clubs recent history. If this does prove to be the case then we simply must just enjoy him while he's here.

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