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The Roker Report Christmas Quiz (Answers)

So did you see our Questions post earlier? If so you should have demolished your dinner and be eagerly awaiting the answers to the quiz. Well don't wait any longer, here's the answers.

Stu Forster

Okay before you fall asleep following one too many glasses of port and copiously shoving food into your face take a few seconds out to see how you did in our quiz. Or, if you played as a family, see who won and is the king or queen of the household.

General Knowledge

1. Sunderland were first crowned Champions of England in the 1891-92 SEASON.

2. JAMES McFADDEN has the most of the three with fifteen goals. Ji Dong-Won has eight while Steven Fletcher only has one.

3. When Sunderland first formed in 1879, they wore all NAVY blue.

4. In 1983 Sunderland adopted a shirt sponsorship for the first time with local business COWIES.

5. There are currently ELEVEN different nationalities in the squad - England, Ireland, Scotland, Benin, Egypt, France, Spain, Belgium, South Korea, Wales, Sweden.

True Or False

6. TRUE. Sess only scored ten goals for the French giants, and has fourteen (and counting) for Sunderland.

7. FALSE. Craig doesn't have a middle name. You'd have better luck with James Henry McFadden though.

8. FALSE. We spent 67 seasons in the top flight before suffering our first relegation.

9. TRUE. In 1891-92 we won every single home game.

10. FALSE. Sessegnon is actually listed as two centimeters taller than Vaughan.

Multiple Choice

11. A) At time of closing Roker Park's capacity was listed as 22,500.

12. C) In the clubs history 27 players have been on the bench but never played a single minute for the club.

13. A) Marco Gabbiadini has scored the most of those three with 87 goals. Vic Halom bagged 42 and Bryan 'Pop' Robson bagged 68 goals.

14. A) Wes Brown has the most caps with 23. Saha has picked up 20 for France and Westwood 14 for Ireland.

15. B) There were 8 members of the Drumaville Consortium. Niall Quinn, Charlie Chawke, Louis Fitzgerald, Jack Tierney, Paddy Kelly, Pat Beirne, John Hays and Patsy Byrne.

Who Am I? (Quickest Gets The Point)

16. I am of course, JOE BOLTON.

Name The Players From Their Career Path (Permanent Clubs Only)


18. I am LEE HOWEY




Who's Santa

The cheeky little scamp who's dressed up as Santa is of course, JULIO ARCA.

Tie Breaker

Up to December 21st 2012 there had been 528 different goalscorers for Sunderland.


Hope you all enjoyed the quiz, and we'll probably have another one this time next year. Now bugger off and enjoy the rest of your day!

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