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Canadian Trialist To Join Sunderland Development Program?

Could trialist Josh Janniere be the first player to be given the chance to make the most of Sunderland's recent partnership with Belgian club Lierse SK?

Last week we reported that Sunderland had taken two youngsters on trial and it seems that one of them has been 'a success' - at least partially.

Canadian winger Josh Janniere has revealed on Twitter that his 4-week trial at the club is over and, due to him lacking the requirements for a work permit at this time, he will be joining another club 'another club' next month in order to qualify as quickly as possible.


The assumption is that Janniere will be joining Sunderland's recent development affiliate club, Lierse SK. The link was set up with the Belgian club in October with the explicit purpose of fast-tracking young prospects through the work permit process, and it seems the club is not messing about.

Citizenship and an EU passport can be obtained more easily in Belgium, and there is also the possibility that Janniere could make a big impact on the pitch and break into the Canadian team. Should that happen, Sunderland could apply for a special talent work permit and get the player to Wearside much earlier.

Nothing has been confirmed, and there is an element of speculation on our part regarding whether Lierse SK is the 'new club' Janniere will be joining, but it would seem precisely the kind of situation the partnership was created for, so watch this space.

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