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The Roker Report Podcast Preview: What's Good?

It's time to record another Roker Report Podcast, and we want your views in Question Of The Week as per usual, so why not join the fun and get involved in the show. Details and ways to subscribe are below...

Stu Forster

Ahoy, welcome along as we get set to record another episode of The Roker Report Podcast - the only Sunderland podcast out there that isn't total crap.

On tonight's show (out Thursday) you'll be treated to the dulcet tones of Simon Walsh and Michael Graham among others, to talk all manner of Sunderland related stuff, including but not limited to the following. Not to mention give us your views in Question Of The Week!...

  • The point of James McFadden.
  • A look back at the Aston Villa game.
  • A look forward (with heaps of dread) to Everton.
  • Your views aired in Question Of The Week! (see below).

You can give this cracker of a show a listen when it comes out on Thursday, and there's all sorts of ways to listen, so pay attention to these;

You can subscribe on iTunes for free, just head to this link and hit subscribe - SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES - it's really that simple.

If you're not down with iTunes or fruitily-named computer wares then you can get the MP3 direct to any device you want by heading to our page there. You can even subscribe too - SUBSCRIBE TO MP3 FEED.

Or if you just want to stream it there'll be a link on this site on Thursday, plus of course there's apps such as Stitcher. You can get Stitcher on any mobile device or tablet by heading HERE or searching for it in your App Store of choice. It's completely free!

We'll see you Thursday, and for now here's our Question Of The Week...

There's a lot of negativity flying around at the moment so we want to know... What's been quite good this season for Sunderland?

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