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A Love Supreme Issue 215 Out Tonight, Here's A Sneak Peek...

Issue number 215 of the world famous, best selling and needless to mention - best looking - Sunderland fanzine A Love Supreme is on sale right now, and even more so around the ground against 'Boro. Let's take a sneaky look at what's inside this awesome edition...


Yes everyone, not only should you be gripped with cup-fever right about now, you'll also no doubt be eager to get yourself to the Stadium Of Light to pick up the latest copy of A Love Supreme - Sunderland's longest-running and best-selling fanzine.

Now then, if you're not off to the game for whatever reason, don't worry. You can subscribe online and have it delivered to your door on the release date every single month. In fact, you might be better off doing that as you get a whole host of FREE GOODIES for doing so. Fancy some of that? Then all you have to do is CLICK HERE and follow the links.

Anyway, there's another top notch edition in store for you all this month, tackling all the big issues around the club. You can find plenty of stuff on the Wear-Tyne derby in their, and if you sent in a picture as requested you might be famous for five minutes. There's also not one, but TWO exceptional interviews in there. First up there's an exclusive with former SAFC chairman Sir Bob Murray, and secondly there's a chat with club legend Gary Bennett about all the unsightly and ugly racism around in football at the moment. In fact, here's a snippet of what Benno had to say;

Racism is top of the agenda, certainly at the moment. It's already in the news so it's very easy for a lot of news outlets to jump on it. It's also an issue of how highly do clubs prioritise racism. Look at Spurs v Lazio, it was hardly reported on, half the people didn't know it had happened until Lazio had been charged. The distinction is: because of the recent Danny Rose incident, any type of racism at Sunderland is going to be highly reported on because of the media frenzy surrounding him.

There's also our own column in there, and this month David Boyle pens some thoughts about the rising cost of football for the average man.

Get it bought, get subscribed to it. In fact, just do both in case you lose a copy. Only £2.50 from around the ground and even better if you subscribe on line. Do it now!

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