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The Roker Report Derby Day Jukebox

DJ Dave spinning the decks to get you amped and ready for tomorrows game... or something like that anyway, enjoy!

Scott Heavey

Now, I'm not going to lie, I'm more of a rock music kind of fella and I'm not particularly "au fait" with most of what passes for music when out and about in the pubs and clubs these days. However, never one to turn down a challenge, here are some tracks that I have been assured will get the blood pumping and get you ready to sing your heart out for the lads tomorrow. Ha'way!

Kicking off with a classic that even know and love, a timeless classic if you will, it's Fatboy Slim's Right Here Right Now from 1998 (how old does that make you feel?)

Next up is The Chemical Brothers and 2005's Galvanize. Clown facepaint tomorrow is optional but will probably garner you some unwanted attention from the plod.

Changing pace a little bit now with The Rolling Stones and the classic Gimme Shelter, simply because of Apocalypse Now really.

Now I've been confidently informed that this Tinie Tempah fella is popular with the whipper-snappers these days and i thought it was just from a Sky Sports advert. Hopefully victory tomorrow is written in the stars...

This next song should need no introduction - The Futureheads, Beginning of the Twist! The local lads did well.

This next track is dedicated to Roker Report's Chris Weatherspoon as I'm sure I've seen him bang on about them numerous times on twitter; Swedish House Mafia, Greyhound, pretty catchy.

From dance to rap, D12 bring some aggression to the playlist with 2001's Fight Music.

Now this next track is more like it! Muse - Hysteria, something of which there is sure to be plenty of come tomorrow afternoon.

This track is by a favourite band of mine at the moment, The Gaslight Anthem - Great Expectations, something I'm sure we're all feeling at the moment.

And to finish up its the Foo Fighters, All My Life - if this doesn't get you going nothing will! thought I had forgotten didn't you?

Big thanks to my good mate Paul for helping me with the above selections and saving me from my insular musical taste of rock, rock and more rock. Conversely if you think any of the tracks are crap you can blame him on twitter - @PaulSmiles

Feel free to keep the playlist going by adding your selections in the comments below and remember to bring your singing voices to the sol tomorrow, ha'way the lads!

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