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Eleven Of Sunderland's Derby Day Heroes

Just to ease our way into the derby buildup, which will be ramped up as the week progresses, we offer up a gallery of Sunderland heroes from previous derby games.

It's all about one thing this week, and that's the Wear-Tyne derby on Sunday. We're going to be focused on it form every angle possible, and to help kick things off this week we're going with a gallery of derby greats.

It's not been the greatest of times for us in recent history when it comes to the derby, but fortunately on that front everybody loves a trip down memory lane, so this works out quite well for us.

So if you like looking at pictures, this perfect for you. Just navigate left to right to see our gallery of derby heroes, and mouse over the top of the image to see who, what and why they've been chosen. It's not in any particular order either by the way, just enjoy it for what it is.

Who knows, some more Sunderland players might write their name in to this feature for next season with a performance or moment at the weekend. And we sincerely hope they do...

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