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The Roker Report Podcast: Episode 40 - Party With Marty!

Stop. Collaborate and LISTEN.
Stop. Collaborate and LISTEN.

Hello! It's our big 40th bash, but sadly only Simon Walsh and David Boyle were the only two who bothered to turn up, so that's who you're stuck with for this week's Podcast... On the plus side that means it's free of curmudgeon, motorbikes and the wonders of the French internet, so maybe you'll like it, who knows!

On the show this week, content wise we have a bit of this...

  • Steven Piennar to Sunderland?
  • Kieran Richardson to Arsenal?
  • The wondrous Wigan game looked at further.
  • Manchester City - We're still in disbelief as to where that came from!
  • Have expectations change?
  • Praise for McClean and even Lee Cattermole of all people!
  • Our distinct lack of knowledge when it comes to Peterborough comes to the fore.

Plus there's more, much much more, come and get subscribed or listening to the only Podcast by the fans, for the fans. There's numerous ways you can do that, so here's the top three...

Starting with iTunes, like it or love it, it's pretty popular. We're on there, and you can either search for us "Roker Report Podcast" or something like that, or follow this link -

If you just can't handle iTunes or don't like them, you can get the MP3 file direct to do with what you want by heading to which takes you to our hosting service. You can even subscribe to the RSS feed there.

And lastly there's a lovely little app you can get for free called Stitcher. Stitcher let you subscribe, sort of, to podcasts, including ours, except you stream them instead of downloading. Space saver! You can get Stitcher for free, for any thing be it Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and so on from

And that will do it. We're a lot happier this week than we have been for ages so get subscribed without delay!


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