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'Live' Tweeting The 1973 FA Cup Final

Spoiler Alert: We win.
Spoiler Alert: We win.

We've got something a little bit different for you today on Roker Report. I'll admit now that it wasn't our idea originally, and we have this fantastic piece on In Bed With Maradona to thank for it check out the piece here, but FA Cup fever is almost about to take us over at Sunderland, and with that in mind, we thought we would look back to the most famous game that our team red and white have ever played in the competition.

If you just looked at the link, then you'll know what's coming next. However, if you didn't, then I'm going to be watching the 1973 FA Cup final, and tweeting it as if I've never seen it before. As if Twitter existed all those many years ago, and that I'm watching it live. Obviously, this isn't going to be on my Twitter feed, I would, but I didn't want to spam your timelines, so instead, you can find it all below.

As you all undoubtably know, the '73 cup run was an incredible year in the club's history. Although it all looked to be over as soon as it had started against Notts County, Dave Watson's header took it to a replay, and we strolled through the second leg without much difficulty. The fourth-round tie also went to a replay, but after a 1-1 draw at home to Reading, we won the second leg, and the cup march was on. Barring the final, the 5th round provided probably the most memorable tie in a lot of Sunderland fans' history, as a 2-2 draw at Manchester City was followed up by a 3-1 victory in the replay, in the game that was voted to be the greatest to be ever played at Roker Park. Then, a 2-0 win at the same ground against Luton Town set up a famous semi-final against Arsenal at Hillsborough. 90 minutes later and the Black Cats were in the FA Cup final.

As I've said, I'm sure you already know all of this. If you would like a little nostalgic trip down memory lane though, be sure to check out my interview with cup run hero Dennis Tueart by clicking this link.

So, as I often say, without further ado, here we go...

"Bob's on the telly! Gooo on Stokoe...Wembley looks amazing in red and white.

The teams are coming out of the tunnel, Bob’s tracksuit is lighting up the screen.

Revie looks a bit annoyed mind already, all suited up like he’s going to a funeral.

What. A. Noise. Look at Bremner the ginger gimp. Horrible little sod.

Bobby Kerr’s tash looks mint though.

Can’t hear a single Leeds fan. Only the lads from the North East. Amazing scenes.

Bobby Kerr’s just introducing the teams. Already forgot who the royal guy is. TOO EXCITED!

*sings* God save our gracious Queen… Long live our noble Queen… Ta da da da…

Right… Here we go…

Leeds doing that salute thing. Bloody hell, what a boo. Cheeky sods!

Sunderland – Monty, Malone, Guthrie, Horswill, Watson, Pitt, Kerr, Hughes, Halom, Porterfield, Tueart

Leeds – Harvey, Reaney, Cherry, Bremner, Madeley, Hunter, Lorimer, Clarke, Jones, Giles, Gray

Fingers well and truly crossed for the lads in red and white. Deserve it for everything up to now!

Blimey, 10 full internationals in the Leeds line-up they just said. That’s A LOT.

Bright yellow ball today. Don’t remember ever seeing that before?

Right, finally. Wait is over, Leeds to kick off.

WHOA! Hang on a minute. ‘No Geordie team has been beaten at Wembley, that should encourage Sunderland.’


Ooh, Tueart has a shot in the first 20 seconds, solid start.

Yeah! Richie Pitt just wiped out Alan Clarke. Lovely tackle, absolutely hammered him. He’ll know he’s in a game today.

Lorimer’s shot fizzes wide from the free kick. No harm there.

Exciting start this. Great first couple of minutes.

Alan Clarke takes another kick off Richie Pitt. No danger again though, happy with that. Three mins gone.

Wow. Billy Hughes wiped out by Cherry now. Tasty final. No love lost here it has to be said.

Ha! Revie’s sat on the bench with a jacket round his knees and another wrapped around his head. Looks a right nob.

Not many chances early on. Dennis Tueart just won it but Horswill’s shot was blocked. Looks well slippy on the Wembley pitch.

Sunderland having plenty of possession early on. Tueart looking good, like a miniature action man.

Lovely stuff from Leeds. Monty comes out to punch and the chance has gone. Great goalkeeping.

Jimmy Hill’s having a moan about the pitch. Like I said, it’s very wet and very slippy.

Ten minutes gone, and it’s totally even. Yet another Richie Pitt foul on Clarke, but ball overhit to Jones again in the box.

Nice counter attack from Sunderland. Vic Halom got away, played in Porterfield down the left, fed Billy Hughes, but that’s gone over the bar.

Bloody hell. Heart in mouth time as Leeds have three shots, Giles, Reaney and Clarke all blocked. Phew.

Quarter of an hour gone… OOH! Horswill’s shot sneaks past the post from the edge of the box. So close!

We’re playing some nice stuff here, would never guess that Leeds are the in the division above us.

Another great ball in from Bremner, Monty punches… But only as far as Clarke…

What a tackle by Dave Watson! Goal-saving stuff. Twenty gone, and you won’t see a finer sliding tackle in the area.

Leeds on top at the minute I have to admit. Definitely for the last few minutes.

Football is so simple when you can pass back to the ‘keeper and he picks it up. Hope they never change that rule…

Boo. Alan Clarke is the first man into the book for a foul on Billy Hughes.

Maybe a little bit harsh actually, we’ve kind of kicked him all over the place so far.

Twenty two minutes gone, but the ball into the box wasn’t the best, and Leeds bring it out again.

Also 0-0 in the Scottish Cup final between Rangers and Celtic, apparently.

Still waiting for a really good chance here. Watson’s tackle on Clarke stopped the only real one so far.

Twenty five minutes gone, Billy Hughes skips into the area, but Bremner’s there to clear… Again.

Norman Hunter takes on three Sunderland players on the edge of his own box, the cheeky get.

Leeds pressure building. Bremner getting mad with Porterfield, before Giles’ cross to Clarke headed out by Guthrie.

Corner coming up…

Dangerous, but cleared by Monty. Punching it well, doesn’t fancy catching it seems, but it’s working.

‘Ha’way the Lads’ can be heard all around the stadium, and it’s spine-tingling stuff!

Nearing the half hour, and a free kick 25 yards out to Sunderland, but Billy Hughes’s shot drifts wide.

Bobby Kerr’s been brilliant so far. Full of energy, and never shy of a tackle or five.

Billy Hughes looking in trouble. Can barely walk. Fingers crossed that he’s okay.

Another good chance for Leeds. Flicked into the box by Lorimer, but Dick Malone is there to head it away from Jones. Great defending.

Dick Malone. Weak link like they said in the build-up? Don’t think so lads.

Sunderland straight up the other end. Bobby Kerr mishits his ball forward, but it drops just under the bar, and Harvey has to tip it over.



Billy Hughes crosses it in, off Vic Halom’s thigh, and Porterfield sets it with his left before volleying in with his right. Wow.

Amazing scenes at Wembley! Second division Sunderland lead First Division Leeds. 1-0! #SAFC #PORTERFIELD #GOAL

32 minutes gone, and Porterfield’s first goal of the cup season puts Sunderland in front.

Bob Stokoe looks cool as a cucumber on the touchline. What a guy.

Awful tackle by Billy Bremner on the halfway line, and the Leeds captain looks very, very annoyed.

Everytime he touches the ball now, Bremner is getting a chorus of boos, as the Sunderland fans bounce up and down on the terraces.

Amazing atmosphere, as ‘We Shall Not Be Moved’ is sung in seemingly every corner of the ground, with 10 ‘till half time.

Ticking down to the break, and Sunderland looking more dangerous again, Halom just missing out in the box.

Great cross by Billy Hughes, but it flashes across the box infront of Harvey. No-one on the end of it. So close to number two.

As Jimmy Hill’s saying, Bobby Kerr has had Eddie Gray in his back pocket so far this afternoon…

And Porterfield and Horswill are having the better in the middle of the park against Bremner and Lorimer.

Huge chance before the break. Madeley’s ball reaches Clarke in the box, but another stunning tackle by Watson sends it out for a corner.

Chance for Lorimer as Sunderland struggle to clear the corner, but Monty is equal to it, and the Lads scramble it clear.

Strong stuff this from Leeds. Sunderland hanging on and praying for the ref’s half-time whistle.

Halftime whistle goes. Bob’s on the pitch talking to Ian Porterfield. Cracking stuff from the lads in red and white.

#Halftime #SAFC 1 – 0 #LEEDS UNITED

Brilliant atmosphere still, as we can barely hear the marching band over the crowd as the SAFC players run back out onto the pitch.

Dave Watson in the spotlight, as Johann Cruyff mentions in the studio just how good he’s been in the first half.

Back underway at Wembley. Can Don Revie’s men turn this around? #SAFC # Underdogs

Both teams showing each other a bit of respect early on in the second half, although Bobby Kerr does skip past Norman Hunter.

Deep Leeds cross and Monty only just reaches it, before parrying Bremner’s shot in to the path of Malone, who clears for a corner.

Leeds having the best of the first five minutes of this second half, and the game’s being played mostly in Sunderland’s half.

THE BALL IS IN THE NET! Cherry finishes after a crossed free kick, but Alan Clarke clearly knocked the ball away ½

2/2 from Montgomerie with his elbow. Goal disallowed, and Sunderland’s lead lives on.

Ten minutes gone in the second half, and Leeds have made most of the play since the half-time break.

Clarke looking to get away, but Watson, yet again, takes the ball from him. Splendid stuff from Watson.

Up the other end, Micky Horswill sends a shot wide from 25 yards, was never bothering Harvey though.

Another bad challenge by Billy Bremner, who is looking more and more angry, and Porterfield ruffles his hair to wind him up as he runs away.

Chances for Sunderland! Watson’s ball finds Hughes, and Tueart’s shot is blocked, as is Porterfield’s, before Guthrie hits the side netting.

Half of the crows thought that was in. Wow. AND… We have our first replay of the match.

At the other end, Bremner brought down in the area… NO! Ref says he made a meal of it, and Bremner won’t like that one bit.

Half an hour to go, and Bob Stokoe’s Sunderland still lead Leeds United at Wembley Stadium.

More good stuff from the men in the stripes ends in Ron Guthrie’s strike from the edge of the box flying wide of the goal.

Looks like we’re going to have Terry Yorath on for Leeds, he’s warming up.

Still a cracking match, end to end, but no real chances of which to speak of.

And, as I say that, Madeley sets up Lorimer, who hits the side-netting from the edge of the Sunderland area.

Bloody hell, only one goal here, but five at Hampden, as Rangers go 3-2 up against Celtic.

CHANCE! AND… Cherry’s header is saved by Montgomery. CROSSBAR, Lorimer thought he’d scored, but it comes back off the bar.

No, wait… The replay shows that Jimmy Montgomery tipped that onto the bar. WHAT A SAVE. Unreal stuff from Montgomery. #WOW

They’ll be talking about that save for years and years and to come. The Leeds players thought it had gone in, but that is a wonderful save.

Twenty five minutes left, and Sunderland just happy to clear from their own half. I still can’t believe that save. Amazing scenes!

Alan Clarke looked like he’d been fouled there, but he doesn’t make a meal of it, and Sunderland have the chance to clear again.

Sunderland fans in great voice in the crowd, as the clock ticks down, and Giles volleys well over the bar.

Terry Yorath coming on with 15 minutes to go. Has he got what it takes to unlock the Sunderland defence? Watson has been amazing.

Eddie Gray’s the man to come off. Been poor, but that’s mainly thanks to some excellent defending.

Desperate stuff now from Sunderland. Only ten minutes away from winning the FA Cup, and they’re happy to just hoof the ball anywhere.

Chance for Sunderland as Tueart fed Halom, who found Horswill, but his shot goes wide thanks to a deflection.

Some tired looking legs out there on that Wembley pitch, as the ball is flicked away from Tueart’s foot as he pulls the trigger on a shot.

Yellow card for Billy Hughes, who pulls back Cherry after losing the ball to him.

Resulting free kick sees Madeley’s ball across the box cleared by Pitt. Sunderland really hanging on. Can they do it??? #SAFC

Sunderland fans taking the roof off Wembley with only three minutes to go. Their team is still clinging on. Every man camped in their half.

More crosses coming into the box, but Dave Watson’s got enough in the tank to clear.

Sunderland break away! Tueart’s ball finds Vic Halom, his first shot is blocked, and Harvey claws the second attempt around the post. Almost the winner.

The stripes look shattered with a minute on the clock. Leeds desperate for a break through. Seconds remaining.

Referee looks at his watch. This could be it…

The noise in the stadium is deafening as the Sunderland fans call for the final whistle.

Another look at the watch. Stokoe poised to pounce on the touchline, and Sunderland are playing the game in the Leeds half.

GOAL! No… Halom barges Harvey into the goal, but it doesn’t count.



Stokoe lifts Bobby Kerr into the air, after hugging his goalkeeper, and Sunderland are ecstatic.

Harry Ramsden, Ernie Wise, Jimmy Saville, Don Revie... Your boys took one hell of a beating!

Sunderland win the FA Cup. Second Division Sunderland, little old Sunderland, have beaten Leeds United to win the Cup.

Bob Stokoe, you hero! The Messiah is born ladies and gentleman, and his name is Bob Stokoe!

The Sunderland players are mobbed going up the stairs, ad Bobby Kerr, who has worked so hard, lifts the cup for the north east team. Incredible."

And there you have it. The rest, as they say, is history. Still regarded as the biggest upset in the history of the FA Cup, it was Sunderland's grandest of grand days out.

We live in hope that Martin O'Neill can bring back times like that day to the squad, starting this weekend at Peterborough, but, even if he can't, stick your DVD in of the '73 final and watch it again, why don't you?

I challenge you (a challenge that I must admit I failed while writing this) not to celebrate when Porterfield scores, even though you know it is coming, and you also can't help but be amazed that Jimmy Montgomery keeps that shot out. What a day.

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