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Ji Dong-Won, Unnoticed Love & A Taste Of Lemons

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Whilst we think that Ji Dong-Won's late goal against Manchester City was big news here, it was even bigger news over in South Korea. Shortly after the game a very bizarre looking cartoon appeared on various message boards and sites to celebrate the goal, and elaborate (perhaps a little too much) on THAT kiss from a drunken (I imagine) pitch invader.

You can see the original cartoon from an Korean Sports News Agency here -

It all looks rather bizarre I'm sure you'll agree, but what does it mean? Well we turned to our resident Korean expert Seungmin Lee from the excellent Asian Football Feast site to translate for us. Do get yourself over there for all your Asian football needs. He also did this for us in the summer on Ji... "A Korean Insight"

What follows is a quite lengthy set of images, so stick with it, but it's a tale of glory, jizzing yourself, tequila, lemons and some latent homosexuality. Enjoy!...






A modern love story for the ages. If you need to, click an image and zoom in or something, it was a bit of a beast to upload. Thanks for reading, and thanks to Seungmin Lee for the translation!