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New Martin O'Neill & THAT Ji Dong-Won Goal Tee's In The Roker Report Shop

It's been a while since we dropped any new stuff in the shop, so we've added a few things for you to spend that £20 your Granny gave you for Christmas on in our shop.

First of all, we've got one for Martin O'Neill, as quite frankly he deserved one. Taking "inspiration from" as we like to say rather than gratuitously nicking the iconic Barack Obama "Hope" poster, we've adapted it for our illustrious leader.

O'Neill certainly gives us hope, and he's a charismatic leader (at least at the beginning) much like what the original poster outlined...


You can get yours today, for men and women, and in your choice of colours, for the princely sum of £14.99 from this link -

And secondly, there was Ji Dong-Won's goal against Manchester City. Perhaps more incredible than the goal was Martin Tyler's commentary, during which he got a little animated. We've got the entire commentary immortalised on a t-shirt for your pleasure...


Available for blokes at a price of £14.99, and available in pretty much any colour you want, not just the red outlined in this image. You can get yours here -

There's plenty other tee's available too, including another Ji Dong-Won shirt, Bolo Zenden's Dance Academy, and more. We'll be adding further stuff to the shop in due course, so be sure to be a regular visitor.


(Although there's always the link on the left hand side too)

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