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The Roker Report Podcast: Episode 43 - Beware Of The Shirt/Tie/Jumper Combo

Subscribe, download, listen, play, stream... I dunno, just do something!
Subscribe, download, listen, play, stream... I dunno, just do something!

Hello there, and welcome to another episode, the forty third in fact if you've been counting or can read, and although we say it most week, this really was a great show. I hope it's as much fun to listen to as it was to record.

Whilst I was on hosting duty once again, I was joined by a Nutella-less David Boyle and self-proclaimed "sh*tty student" Chris Weatherspoon to talk all manner of Sunderland AFC stuff, including...

Nicklas Bendtner's broken face. A look at some potential signings. Craig Gardner's brief flirtation with Twitter. We take a look at the Swansea win looked at in depth, with focus on Brendan Rogers' pomposity. Middlesborough get's previewed, to the best someone who knows nothing about them can be, and warn you to beware of the manager with a jumper/shirt/tie combo, and much more besides on an action packed podcast!

So how can you get your hands/eyes/ears on this audio masterclass in talking SAFC? Well here's one handy way you can listen without having to download anything at all. See below, that big black box that looks like some TV/Radio hybrid? Just click play and it will, well, play...

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That'll do you, it's almost like there's no excuse whatsoever for not giving it at least a try... enjoy the show!

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