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Roker Rhymes: Swans Test Goes Swimmingly

Welcome to another Roker Rhyme, I hope you have a lovely time.
Welcome to another Roker Rhyme, I hope you have a lovely time.

Ha, swans, swimmingly. See what I did there? Hilarious.

Anyway, I'm back with another fun-filled instalment of Roker Rhymes, and I'm not too proud to admit that they are getting quite difficult, to be honest.

When we were crap, and losing, and I had something to moan about, these just came flowing from my brain, but now that we're really good, and picking up points for fun, it's all getting a bit dificult. I won't speculate about what that says about me, but, there you go.

In other news, I did get to see most of the game this week, which makes a change from recent times, and what a good three points it was.

So, I'll stop wittering and just get on with it. He's a Swansea special Roker Rhymes.

The Welshmen of Swansea did come to town,
Merely a week after their skills made Arsenal frown.
But there tipatapa style was no real match,
To Marty's boys, for one the break we would catch.

It was a strange game really, as they had a lot of the play,
And maybe in the past, they would have had their way.
But we're strong, we're resilient, we don't go down without a fight,
And with the goals returning to our team, the future's looking bright.

And what a couple of goals we saw, from the men in red and white,
To be added to the screamers, this season at the Stadium of Light.
First Sess tricked his way through their backline, stuck the ball in the top of the net,
Who knew when we watched that go in, that we hadn't seen the best goal yet?

Craig Gardner may be homesick, and pining for Birmingham's curry mile,
But his sweet sweet volley at the weekend, would be sure to make him smile.
What a hit it was from the brummie, and the ball went flying straight past Vorm,
And Sunderland had the points in the bag, to continue our quite wonderful form.

So next up it is Boro, and we're back to the FA Cup,
And what a treat it is to be in the fourth round, I'm sure we won't mess it up.
It should be a great atmosphere on Sunday, with our fans all going barmy,
But just remember mr TV commentator man, it's not a BLOODY DERBY!

And that's it for another Roker Rhyme, I hope you all had fun,
And we have plenty to talk about next week two, when the cup game is safely won.
Now I know that was poor grammer, but this can't be perfect all the time,
It's not easy you know, always talking, through the medium of rhyme!

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