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The Week That Was: Chelsea Fallout, Swansea Buildup & Much, Much More!

The Week That Was - All your build-up and more!
The Week That Was - All your build-up and more!

Welcome one and all to our Saturday morning round-up of all the rather spiffing stuff we've posted on the interwebs this week. Whilst I'm sure we're all against the proposed SOPA proposals there was no chance we were going shutdown for a day in protest, we had s*** to do!

Starting of course with today's clash with Swansea City and all the usual build up including:

  • Preview: The latest addition to the RR Team, Karl, made his bow this week giving you the low down on The Swans with all the information you need before you head off to the SOL later today: Team news, line-ups, classic encounters, betting tips and even a song to get us in the mood.
  • Cult Heroes: This week saw a footballer that didn't see eye-to-eye with Lawrie McMenemy, so that's a good start, make his way into the Cult Heroes Hall of Fame (there's not really a hall, more like a forgotten cupboard where you keep Trivial Pursuit and that old ironing board you should really just get rid of). He also had a spectacular ‘tache - Rueben Agboola!
  • Podcast: Michael Graham and Dan Williams joined our host Simon Walsh to chat all things SAFC as per the norm on episode 42 of the RR Podcast, looking back at Chelsea, looking forward to Swansea and all kinds of shenanigans including some controversial opinions on Craig Gardner, David Vaughan and Chris Samba. Download it, stick it in your ears, enjoy and then delete. Perfect. Or save for posterity, you choose.
  • Fan Focus: Chris Carra from the top Swans blog Forza Swansea joined Michael Graham to chat about their impressive season so far and how he sees today's game panning out.
There was also plenty of other collections of words for you to gorge your eager little eyes across including...

We started the week by rounding up all the fallout from Sunderland's courageous defeat at the hands of Chelsea. Chris Weatherspoon managed to tear himself away from Jeremy Kyle or whatever it is the students are watching these days and give us the lowdown on how O'Neill's tactics panned out at Stamford Bridge.


Dan Williams valiantly put together another poem for us all despite everything French conspiring against him actually being able to watch the game. Poetry, eh? You don't get that anywhere else!


On Tuesday Michael Graham took over RR first off bringing us a superb interview with Paul Bracewell which if you haven't already read shame on you but make sure you catch up at the back, it really is a great read.


The Captain returned later that afternoon with another instalment of the Dropping The Gloves feature where this time around we spoke with Stoke fan and TeamTalk writer Mark Holmes to get his thoughts on SAFC. No pretence, just his honest opinion from the outside looking in.


By Wednesday some on Wearside had desended into panic following some transfer activity up the road. Graham quickly came along the dampen the flames of fury with another chapter of Captain's Blog where he dispelled any alarm at SAFC's apparent lack of movement in this transfer window.


There was a bonus podcast this week as I joined Dave O'Grady from the Irish website The World's Talking as a guest on their Prem Chat show for an SAFC special, be sure to have a listen if you haven't already tuned in.


Our friend in France was back again on Wednesday afternoon with a Roker Ramble motivated by the sorry plight of Darlington FC as his piece basically names and shames the men that have seen fit to ruin many a football club because of their dickheadedness. The Roker Report is so cutting edge we're even having to create our own words!


Thursday is, of course, regular Roker Report podcast day. A perpetually plague-ridden Dan WIlliams joined Michael Graham and Simon Walsh for a chat with the latter two seemingly intent on airing some controversial views. What were they? You'll just have to listen and find out!


On Thursday we also brought you a special offer to use in our emporium of wonders, or shop, whichever you prefer. So be sure to take advantage of the free shipping which is available until the 22nd and pick up one of the fancy shirts we've got on offer, there have been some cracking designs added over the last couple of weeks so don't
miss out!


And that's about it but don't forget to join us later on this evening when Simon Walsh will bring you today's match report following the full-time whistle and there is also our weekly column for our friends at The Durham Times to keep you entertained tomorrow.

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