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The Roker Report Podcast: Episode 42 - Bizzaro-Death-Pod

Come download and listen to us spill our brains out.
Come download and listen to us spill our brains out.

Hello one and all, and welcome to another thrilling episode of The Roker Report Podcast. We're up to episode fourty-two now, and perhaps it's starting to show as everyone it seems has gone a bit mental. Even the sound quality hasn't come out as hoped, but it's still perfectly listenable. Dunno why it happened, I'm no expert, it just did.

On the show this week is your host, Simon Walsh. The ever delightful Michael Graham, and a plague-ridden Dan Williams. What's up with that lad and the French medical service is a modern mystery, but he's ill again. Or still. Not sure to be honest.

On the show this week across a multitude of subjects...

  • Looking at those who've gone away on loan.
  • The various merits of Craig Gardner.
  • Should James McClean be in the Ireland squad for Euro 2012?
  • Looking back at the Chelsea game in some depth.
  • How to injure yourself doing nothing at all.
  • Ways to get around and in at Swansea.
  • A controversial answer in Question Of The Week.

We also find Nicklas Bendtner's biggest fan, someone who thinks David Vaughan should be dropped and one who labels an in demand defender as just a "glorified Nosworthy"... They're not all from the same person by the way!

So how can you get your hands/eyes/ears on this little piece of terrific? Well let me tell you right here Sonny Jim... You can start by heading over to iTunes and searching for us, or just use this handy little link to take you right on over there -

Alternatively find us at hour hosting service. That means you get the MP3 to listen to on any device. You'll find that located at

And lastly, you'll find us on Stitcher. What is Stitcher? It's a pretty neat little app for streaming podcasts, and you can get it for nothing from

Can't be bothered with any of that? Then use this player!...

That'll do you, enjoy the show.

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