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FREE Shipping On All Orders At The Roker Report Shop

Hello all, because several of you have been buying our t-shirts, our partners in all this, Spreadshirt, have been kind enough to extend to everyone a great special offer - FREE SHIPPING.

That's right, absolutely all orders between the right now and 11:59pm, January 22nd will get it delivered to your door for absolutely nothing. All you have to do is head to and enter the following code at the checkout...


Should be pretty simple to remember eh? So what can you get for your money? Well let us run you down a few things, starting with our most recent additions...


I'm sure we all remember the now famous Martin Tyler commentary of Ji Dong-Won's dramatic goal against Manchester City, and now you can wear that moment with our retelling of that moment. This can be yours, in any colour you want, for just £14.99


Can't get enough Dong? Who can in all honesty. You can show your love for our Korean sensation with this tee that's been kicking around the shop for a while now. Available for men and women, this classic design can be yours for a delicious £13.99. There's also a Hoodie version available too for just £24.99. Bargainous!


Now for something for our new man at the helm, the man who inspires so much hope and optimism at the moment, our pragmatic leader, Mr Martin O'Neill. Get this tee, which is available for men and women in a choice of colours, for just £14.99.


We've also got this lovely hoodie too, showing off the finest things in life. Possibly. We do not condone drug use other than for medical reasons. Anyway, wear this hoodie with pride on those chilly match-days at the Stadium Of Light. Available for men at a cost of £21.99 and in a special ladies cut for £24.99. Sorry ladies, the material just costs more. It's still pretty awesome though.


Lastly we have a t-shirt that's still doing pretty well from last season, celebrating the moment Bolo Zenden went down in Sunderland folklore. Sign up today for "Bolo's Dance Academy" and celebrate the work of the dancing Dutchman. A fine player too might we add. Available to the ladies (lets face it, men can't dance) for just £14.99! What a deal!


So, all you have to do is head to the shop on this address...

...and enter the code ROKERREPORT at the check out for FREE SHIPPING!

And remember everyone, if you see something there but wish it was on a different type of garment, a mug, a bag, whatever, we can sort it out so don't be shy. Leave a comment, hit us up on Twitter @RokerReport or somewhere else and we'll do what we can to get you what you want.

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