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Roker Rhymes: A Changing Attitude In These Exciting Times

A little bit of poetry for your Monday afternoon...
A little bit of poetry for your Monday afternoon...

Well, I'm back. The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that I've been missing for a week, but when you live a high-flying, jet-setting lifestyle like me, then it's inevitable that I'm going to be AWOL at times. *

But, I've been keeping an eye on the Black Cats, and, although despite my best efforts, I managed to miss the game on Saturday (cheers French equivalent of Sky Plus, don't bother recording, will you?), our magnificent match report has given me ammunition enough to out together this, admittedly short, Roker Rhyme.

The feature has been missing for quite a while now, but like our club's resurrection, it will be making more of an appearance in the coming weeks, months and hopefully years.

So, without further ado...

*Urm... May not be high-flying, nor jet-setting. Not sure that applies to holidaying in England and visiting Barnsley.

The juggernaut was building speed,
And we're all invited to the party.
As we are swept along by the joy,
That has been brought to our club by Marty.

This was always going to be a tough game,
And it turned out it just wasn't our day.
But we can be very proud of the way,
That our Sunderland team did play.

We created chances galore,
And on another day could have snatched a win.
While Chelsea were lucky to get three points,
As league position was consigned to the bin.

And we should have had a penalty,
Somehow that tackle was actually allowed.
As Nicklas Bendtner was fouled,
You made a hash of that, Mr Dowd.

Even the goal can be considered unlucky,
The ball could have fallen anywhere in the box.
But unfortunately it dropped down in front of,
Frank Lampard
, the world's fattest fox.

But we shouldn't be too disappointed,
We've still got plenty to be excited for,
And this is just a small tiny blip,
Which highlighted our troubles to score.

But we've got some winnable games coming up now,
And we can begin to look up the table,
And we know that with Martin in charge,
Then a top ten finish is no longer a fable.

My word how things have changed,
So quickly at the Stadium of Light.
We were stuttering with Brucey in charge,
In fact, we were rather, well, shi.....

But now is a time for optimism,
And we know that the future is rosy,
So grab a drink, sit back and enjoy,
As Sunderland's plight makes us all feel quite cosy.

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