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The Roker Report Podcast: Episode 41 - Business As Usual

Welcome back for another episode of The Roker Report Podcast. This weeks show is relatively short, but that's actually explained on the show in a round about way of moaning about having nothing to moan about.

So, on this week's show you'll find the delights of Simon Walsh, David Boyle & Michael Graham, and this everyone, is what was discussed...

  • Martin O'Neill's Manager Of The Month Award.
  • Loan moves for the young guns.
  • Do we really need to sign anyone this January?
  • Peterborough win looked at.
  • Chelsea hold no fear.
  • Bringing back some old players a la Scholes or Henry.
  • And if you listen right to the end, there's a revelation about Phil Bardsley from Michael.

And there's more stuff chucked in there to what might be short, but it's just choc-full of positives and very little to moan and groan about. That's just the way things are these days fortunately!

So how can you hear this aural pleasure? Well let me enlighten you with a few way to get subscribed or just download and listen one time.

Starting with iTunes where you'll find us by searching "Roker Report" or something along those lines. If all that's too difficult then use this - - to be taken right to our page on iTunes.

If you're not of fan of iTunes, but are a fan of MP3 files, then head on over to our hosting service, where you'll find the show, and all shows previous to this one, and you can listen to it on any player.

And lastly if you don't even want to download the show, just want to stream it, you can't go wrong with Stitcher. Stitcher is a completely FREE app available for all mobile devices from iPhone to iPad and beyond. Search for us on there, and stream to your hearts content. Head to for more info.

And that's it for another week in Roker Report land. Sorry it's a bit short, but that's the way it goes some times. We're too happy having a Party With Marty.

Enjoy the show.

PS: I still love you Julio.

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