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The Week That Was: Essential Manchester City Match Build-Up & More!

The Week That Was!
The Week That Was!

Hello there, welcome to "The Week That Was" where we round-up all your build-up to the match in one handy little bundle for you to pick and choose what's worth reading (clue: all of it).

So to get you in the mood for today's match, we've got the following for you...

  • Preview: Yes, every week we've got a preview for you, and this one's no different as we bring you a fine selection of team news, music, betting, line-ups, predictions, classic games and much more. I can tell you're craving it badly, so have a read by CLICKING HERE.
  • Podcast: We're not just a blog, no siree. We've also got a podcast where we talk about SAFC, for the most part anyway, and on that you'll find some chat about today's game. This weeks was a relatively short one as the festive season has taken it's toll somewhat, but I'm sure you'll want a listen anyway. Get on that, and find many ways to listen by CLICKING HERE.
  • Cult Heroes: Each week we take an in depth look at someone who did pretty darn well for us, and also spent some time with the opposition, giving them their dues. This week the man in question was Nicky Summerbee. David Boyle provides the write-up, so have a read of that by CLICKING HERE.
  • Fan Focus: We also have this neato little feature (yes, I said neato) where we talk to a fan, journalist, blogger, whatever who covers the opposition. Occasionally, it's a combination of all of those. This week we had Ric Turner, the editor of leading City site "Blue Moon MCFC" and you can read it when you CLICK HERE.

So that's all your Man City build-up, and shortly after the final whistle we'll have a match report. BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! Read below to see what else we've been up to and see if your eyes and minds enjoy it...

Get yourself recapped on the Everton game with our very own match report. We tell it like it is, and dish out player ratings and all that sort of nonsense that basically every match report under the sun does.

Click Here For The Everton Match Report

We also have a slightly more in depth look at the game in our Talking Tactics feature. So if you like looking at graphs, charts and stuff like that and want to impress all your mates with some stats, take a look, it's proper mint.

Click Here For Talking Tactics - Everton (H)

We also realise that there's a big bad world outside of the Stadium Of Light, so sometimes we talk about it. Chris Weatherspoon picked up the baton this week, and talked about backward passing. It's not as bad as you'd think...

Click Here To Read The Roker Ramble

It was about time we crowned yet another Player Of The Month, and taking top spot this month was Stephane Sessegnon. Take a look at how he did, plus everyone else as our own match ratings are aggregated into some sort of easy to read chart.

Click Here To Read Stephane Sessegnon: Player Of The Month

As the year comes to a dying halt, and the season hits the half-way mark we decided to start looking back at the first half. One of the ways was to do our annual half-season report cards, complete with grades for every single player in the squad.

Click Here For Part One Of Our Report Cards and indeed Click Here For Part Two

As stated above, there's lots of end of 2011 stuff to cover, so we've also dropped in some awards. Nobody is actually getting an award, not even a certificate, but we've compiled our favourite games, goals, saves, players and moments of the season to date. Enjoy.

Click Here For Our Half-Season Awards

Looking ahead to 2012, we've gone all Mystic Meg on your asses and made some predictions for the forthcoming calendar year. Some are bold, some less so, but everyone at Team Roker Report has done one, so let's jsut see who's right and who's wrong...

Click Here For Our 2012 Predictions

And with the January transfer window upon us, we looked ahead with a wishlist of sorts for the month ahead. Dan Williams has been casting his eye over our team and everyone else's and presented you with all kinds of options. Go have a read and see what you think...

Click Here For Our January Wishlist

And last but by no means least, there's our column in The Durham Times. You should really have read it when the paper came out on Friday, but don't worry, we've granted you a second chance, so click the below link to have a read.

Click Here For Our Latest Durham Times Column

And that's your lot. Here's to an exceptional 2012 for us, for you and for SAFC.

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