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Roker Rhymes: Just A Little Round-Up...

Roker Rhymes Header
Roker Rhymes Header

Hello there ladies and gentlefolk.

As you may be aware, we didn't have a game this week thanks to those pesky internationals, which means that we have a Roker Rhymes-lite, so to speak, on offer here. But hey, at least I don't have to wax lyrical about a match that we didn't win, eh?

So here we go, with everything from the upcoming clash against Chelsea to the ever-so-exciting transfer deadline day, it's all here, in glorious poetic form.

So here we are folks, welcome along,
To another Roker Rhymes, it's a poem, not song.
And we've not much to discuss, with no game just gone by,
The thought of watching England, made me cry.

But the window finished, and again it slammed shut,
It looked like we, would miss our targets, but...
When we were almost out of time, and few of us still sane,
Brucey threw us a bone, in the shape of a great Dane.

And Gyan didn't end up going, that was a load of sh**e,
As we were all glued to our TVs, getting as mad as ol' Jim White.
But Asamoah loves our club, and was always going to stay,
He had no intention of leaving, was never going to walk away.

It was Bendtner that came in, with Crouchy gone to Stoke,
The Arsenal man can be a hero, just his ego we must stroke.
As his talent's undeniable, and he could be the man,
To allow a little freedom, to Asamoah Gyan.

So thank you Mr Bruce, the front man will do for me,
He could be a stroke of genius, we'll have to wait and see.
And look forward to his debut, when he pulls on that famous shirt,
As we try to emulate last season, and cause Chelsea serious hurt.

Now it isnt all that likely, for us to trounce them like last year,
But even a performance half as good, would merit lots of beer.
And fill us all with happiness, as Bruce begins to steer,
Our ship in the right direction, towards a world of cheer.

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