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The Week That Was - All Your SAFC News This Week & More!

The Week That Was Header
The Week That Was Header

Hello there one and all, and welcome to The Week That Was, where we round-up all the happenings on this very site this week, plus we shout out some of the best stuff we've read elsewhere around the web.

Now normally we'd have some match preview stuff, but there's a damned international break, so there's none of that, however we have had plenty of top quality content as you might expect. We still have a few bits and bobs to come over the weekend including interviews and our latest article for The Durham Times, so stick round for them, but here's what you missed so far...

Starting way back on Monday, Michael Graham stepped in for Chris Weatherspoon who was away raving at Creamfields this weekend, to do the ever popular Talking Tactics article. This week obviously it concerned the 0-0 draw at Swansea City, and Michael saw plenty of positives running concurrently with the same old problems.

Click Here to have a read of Talking Tactics!

Also on a Monday, Dan Williams likes to get all lyrical on us, and produces a poem to round-up the weekends action and any other bits of SAFC news. This week's was a belter, so make sure you get it read.

Click Here to have a read of Roker Rhymes!

On Tuesday, with the transfer window about to slam shut, Simon Walsh took a look at who might make way from the team when a new striker arrives. It turned out later it would be Nicklas Bendtner, so why not have a look at what we feel might be the best short term plan for SAFC.

Click Here to read our thoughts on SAFC's immediate future!

David Boyle's also here this week, and he has as ever brought us a great topical top ten. This week Dave's had a look at his Top Ten Sunderland Stalwarts. Those who have played over 100 games for the club basically, something pretty rare in this day and age. Who's the best? Take a look!

Click Here to read our Top Ten SAFC Stalwarts!

Wednesday was all about the transfer deadline, and Michael Graham did a fantastic job going through every rumour looking for a nugget of truth on our Twitter feed, as well as commenting on everything that actually did happen. What did happen it turns out was we signed Nicklas Bendtner and sold Anton Ferdinand

Click Here to read about Nicklas Bendtner
Click Here to read about Anton Ferdinand

On a transfer tip, on Thursday we also rounded-up every single move SAFC made this summer. All the in's, out's and shaken about's are rounded-up into one neat little bundle here.

Click Here to read all our transfer business

On Thursday, the first order of business of course is to unleash a new Podcast on the world. Epsiode 22 is here, hosted by Dan Williams, with guests Simon Walsh & Michael Graham, discussing all manner of tasty SAFC news and for some reason Michael Graham's hair...

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Shifting over to Thursday, to accommodate all the transfer deadline day coverage on Wednesday, was Captains Blog from Michael Graham. This week the Captain is bang on the money, telling us all that Asamoah Gyan is much more deserving of our affections than the recent abuse he's taken from some numbskulls.

Click Here to read Captains Blog

On Friday, we rounded up the week with a pair of tasty pieces. Starting out with Man On The Street, where we air emails from you the public. We really can't help it that you're so angry, and if you're reading this, man who shall remain nameless, please, go have a lie down or something!

Click Here to read Man On The Street

Also today brings us Non League Day, where clubs in the lower half of the pyramid are offering good deals to fans of 'big clubs' like ourselves to get down and support your local team. There's plenty of SAFC links around the Northern League and the Wearside League, so why not get involved. Michael Hudson provided us with all the details.

Click Here for full information on Non-League Day

And that's it from us. We've got a few things lined-up for the weekend, but we won't spoil it for you just yet. However, we'll leave you with some of our favourite bits and bobs from other football blogs this week. We hope you enjoy.

I've always had a great respect for the way Porto seem to do business. For years now they've bought the obscure, and turned them into world superstars. Here's a great post from Cahiers Du Sport about them, and how they're quite simply unmatched when it comes to buy low, sell high. Click here to read.

Twisted Blood had a great post recently about "the average fan" and interpretations of rules of the game. Quite an interesting one, with points on how we can all stop being stupid. Click here to read.

And lastly a rather wonderful open letter to Arsene Wenger, concerning his recent purchase of Mikel Arteta over on Futfanatico. Make sure you go check it out right now. Click here to read.

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