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NOPA Football Awards 2011 And Roker Report


We've just found out about something called The NOPA Football awards which seeks to recognise the very best of the footballing blogging community.

Whilst it may seem we have been around forever, it was barely a year ago since Simon Walsh launched this site as a one-man obsession. Now, over a quarter of a million hits later, the demand for daily Sunderland AFC content on Roker Report can only be satisfied by the dedication of five people, all volunteering their time and effort completely free of charge.

We have been humbled and touched by how you, the online SAFC community, have embraced us and supported us throughout our journey. It is that which keeps us going and keeps us motivated, especially when covering Sunderland has been as grim a pursuit as it has been lately!

So if you'd like to show us some love, and if you appreciate what we do, then why not head over to here and nominate our blog and podcast (and anything else you like about the site) for some recognition? It is very quick and simple to do, and will take a mere matter of seconds.

With our club unlikely to be winning anything any time soon, lets see if together we can create something for ourselves to shout about! Even if we don't manage it, thank you to each and every person who does take the time to nominate us, and to everyone who has helped make the blog a success so far!

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