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Roker Rhymes: Supporting Sunderland Is Tough At Times

Roker Rhymes Header
Roker Rhymes Header

Well, we didn't get to wallow in glory for long, did we?

I won't keep you with an introduction for long, let's just get down to it sharpish eh? I'm too depressed, ill and weary to write in a non-poetic form, so here we go...

What a difference a week makes, was the statement that I made,

After beating Stoke, as it was wonderfully that we played.

And I'm back with the same sentiment, after this week's shower of sh!t,

As it's so very difficult to believe, that the team didn't change, not one bit.


Our fans hit the long road to Norwich, filled with optimism and belief,

Expecting at least a performance, the win against the Potters brought relief.

As our poor start was seemingly over, and Bruce had the players on side,

But our esteemed under-fire manager, left searching for somewhere to hide.


I didn't want to turn on the gaffer, but he really is leaving us little chance,

And it's clear he's not up to it tactically, it's clear from here in France.

And he's struggling to get the lads going, to really make them believe they can win,

He should take his half time team talk, and throw it in the frigging bin.


Our defending was just woeful, and we all just stood and watched,

As Norwich passed straight through us, and their midfielder easily notched.

While the best that we could muster, was not what we had planned,

As Sessegnon smashed shots over, deep into the stand.


Okay, we got a goal back, as the game did reach its end,

But the ineptitude of our performance, it drove me round the bend.

Also Wes Brown and Bendtner, could leave with heads held high,

As weary fans of the Black Cats, could barely raise a sigh.


But where do we go from here, if our manager sees nothing wrong?

And he plays with one up front, ignoring Wickham and Dong?

Dark days surround the club now, the doom-mongers are out in force,

That Stoke win papered the cracks, it didn't cover them fully, of course.


Sir Niall didn't look happy, as he sat and watched the game,

While you imagine that Mr Short, will soon be looking to place some blame.

Which is exactly what Brucey did again, after sipping his post-match tea,

It would be nice if just once, he came out and said, "I got it wrong, the problem was me."


Now we need a win against West Brom, when Roy and his team come to town,

And our men in red and white, are charged with turning over our collective frown.

And I don't mean to sound so negative, but the lads offer me nothing more,

Than a frankly diabolical performance, and manager's comments that are becoming a bore.

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