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The Week That Was - Your SAFC v Norwich City Build-Up & More!

The Week That Was Header
The Week That Was Header

Ah hello there, and welcome to The Week That Was, the place to find top quality articles and all the essential build-up to the Norwich City game tomorrow.

It's been a busy old week on Roker Report, but we'll start you off with all the Norwich City build-up, which we've covered from nearly every angle possible...

  • Cult Heroes: This week's Cult Hero is an absolute cracker, and a long overdue one in the shape of Gary Rowell. Of course we all know what he did for us, but he also played for Norwich, which is why this is his week. A worthy addtion to the Cult Heroes Hall Of Fame, so be sure to read David Boyle's excellent write up, HERE.
  • Preview: The preview is here with all the latest team news, a look at how we can defeat Norwich, what we should worry about, song choices, betting and more - all in one handy little bundle. Aren't we nice to you? Be sure to get yourself up to speed by giving it a read HERE.
  • Fan Focus: Where we get the views of the opposition, and this week we had a cracker with top Norwich City Blog, Holtamania. Quality name, quality blog. Be sure to have a read of how they're feeling headed into the game HERE
  • Podcast: There's also our podcast, in which we talk about all things SAFC, plus of course there's plenty of Norwich preview on there. Get yourself subscribed on iTunes HERE or click HERE to read other ways you can download the show!

And now, lets take a look at everything else which has happened on Roker Report this week...

On Monday we had the pleasure of Talking Tactics from Chris Weatherspoon. Every week on Roker Report we break down what happened in the game that weekend, and this weeks was worth it alone just for the DAvid Vaughan passing graphic. Sexy as you like.

Click Here to read Talking Tactics

We also had yet another great poem from Dan Williams in Roker Rhymes. A one I'm sure Dan was delighted to write since it was about a win for once.

Click Here to have a read of this weeks Roker Rhyme

Tuesday saw the Top Ten return, and in the wake of Seb Larsson's fantastic freekick against Stoke City, David Boyledecided to have a look at other memorable freekicks scored over the years for the lads. Amazingly he managed to think of ten, so come check out the best of the best.

Click Here to read the Top Ten Freekicks

The Roker Ramble also returned for a week, and Dan Williams chimed in with a great post about the seating of fans. With the Rugby World Cup on at the moment, and fans all mingling together, Dan asks why not in football? Why the blooming hell not?

Click Here to read The Roker Ramble

Wednesday is of course the day where you're treated to Captains Blog. Be warned before reading this week however, there are brief moments of happiness in the article from Michael Graham. I know, it's unheard of isn't it?

Click Here to read Captains Blog

We also had a look at The Friendship Cup on Wednesday. Michael Graham gave us some back story on the cup itself, and why many a fan might think it's no big deal, the circumstances in how it came to be are very interesting indeed. Well worth a read.

Click Here to read about The Friendship Cup

On Friday we also brought out a new feature, Dropping The Gloves. In this we're looking to speak with various writers, ex-pro's, bloggers and the like who have no affiliation to SAFC at all to show us how we are perceived as a club. This week we had Marcus Speller, host of the wonderful Football Ramble podcast, provide some insight on how we're viewed. Worth checking out!

Click Here to read Dropping The Gloves

And of course we#re writing our little hearts out for The Durham Times too. David Boyle in the chair this week, and if you want to read his thoughts, go buy a copy of the paper itself. Or just read this, your choice...

Click Here to read our latest Durham Times column.

And that's it for a busy week of Roker Reporting, somewhere in this big pile of stuff we managed to pick to pick out some other fine articles, so here's what we liked this week...

And we start over on the previously mentioned Football Ramble, where Dermot Corrigan, a writer I'm finding myself read a lot of recently, looking at Barcelona and their sponsorship woes. For years they didn't bow to a shirt sponsor, and now whilst they have an incredibly lucrative one, fans aren't happy...

Click Here to read "No Logo?"

Often blogs (including ourselves) will take numbers and stats, look at averages etc to try and show something. However, this is something on Spirit Of Mirko (formerly the Mirko Bolesan blog) which I've never seen before - analysis of squad numbers. People say they don't care about numbers, but they do really. Read this intriguing insight to the world of squad numbers. I don't like No.12 either...

Click Here to read "Squad Numbers In European Football"

Guillermo Ochoa. I'm sure you've signed him on Football Manager before, and he's as much a phenomenon in real life as he is on the game. So why has he ended up at newly promoted Ajaccio in Ligue 1, rather than a much bigger team? You'll have to read this account on Four Four Two by the excellent James Horncastle to find out...

Click Here to read "Ajaccio Get More Than They Bargained For"

And so the week is over. I'm off on holiday for a week, so I'll leave you in the "capable" hands of Michael Graham. Plenty good stuff coming up in the week though, and be sure to keep an eye on Roker Report Monday night for reaction to whatever happens at Norwich.


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