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Roker Rhymes: We Went & Scored Four & Were Begging For More!

Roker Rhymes Header
Roker Rhymes Header

Our resident poet, Mr Dan Williams, often bemoans the fact he has to write a poem following a defeat. Well we finally got a much needed win, and he's not around to spread the joy himself. Don't worry Dan-Fans, he's not gone anywhere, he's just having a bit of bother accessing Roker Report at the moment, so he emailed me his weekly ditty to put up.

I'm sure you'll enjoy it this week...

Football is full of suprises, and none more than the match just gone,
When I was asked before hand, my thoughts on our chances were none.
But what a difference a week makes, in the world of Sunderland AFC,
As our free-flowing attacking football, sent us away as happy as can be.
Now I admit to being a little bit worried, when the team was announced pre-game,
And to be playing with just one man up top, suggested things might just be the same.
But Bruce put his footdown elsewhere, and captain Catts was resigned to the bench,
And instead in came David Vaughan, his thirst for football Ol' Brucey did quench.
It was also a shock to see Colback, sitting this big game out,
The only other player bar Wes Brown, who ever seemed in with a shout...
Of winning the player of the month award, but the system worked to be fair,
And young Jack was sat next to Lee Cattermole, on the bench with his bright red hair.
But how did we win by so many, and could it have been any more?
Well the start was just what we needed, as we began our journey to four.
Titus popped up in the box, as a chance the big man had sniffed,
So he wrapped his boot around it, although Begovic handed us a gift.
Now what a start for the lads, something we haven't had for a while,
And the atmosphere was amazing, as we raised a collective smile.
Which turned into a grin, a laugh, a scream, a roar,
As Jonathan Woodgate's header, over Begovic did soar.
Now Gardner was quite poor against Chelsea, and most other games so far,
But yesterday he was excellent, it was his best game for us by far.
His goal owed a lot to fortune, and that was clear to see,
But we were delirious by half time, Stoke nil, Sunderland three.
That's not to say Stoke had no chances, but nothing to raise a frown,
As our defence was excellently marshalled, by O'Shea and Wesley Brown.
Or midfield had a perfect balance, and Bendtner worked hard all game,
Once the big man had some support, we saw the best of our great Dane.
Sess once again was excellent, and always has a trick up his sleeve,
As his magic little feet, leave defenders struggling to breath.
Man for man we were fantasic, and we went further into the lead,
Thanks to a peach of a free-kick, from our blond-haired little Swede.
It was great to see us come out fighting, and putting a shift in for their boss,
As who knows what would have happened, if this match ended in loss.
The attitude of the players, should really tell us a lot,
That they're happy in the dressing room, with the manager that they've got.
So finally we picked up three points, and our season can start from here,
It will be a tough game away at Norwich, that much seems quite clear.
But we go with renewed confidence, that it's a clash that we can win,
And our hopes for another victory, on our team now we can pin.
And my curse it must be broken, as I sit here and write this ryhme,
I can finally talk about a victory, it's been a bloody long and depressing time.
But like everyone in the Stadium, and those who caught it elsewhere,
I now have belief in the team again, and don't have to resort to prayer.

Norwich is a long way on a Monday, so I don't expect a big SAFC crowd,
But if you are making the journey, make sure you're twice as loud.
And the rest of us will cheer the lads, wherever we may be,
Another three points in the bag, I hope so, let's wait and see.

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