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The Roker Report Podcast: Episode 24 - With Gyan-tastic Guest, Gary Al-Smith


Welcome one and all to Episode 24 of The Roker Report Podcast. First of all, the apologies - One, for the delay, we had some technical issues so it was today or not at all. Two, well, the tech issues. Hopfully you won't hear them, but we do apologise nonetheless.

And now that's that over and done with, here's what you can expect... Joining Simon Walsh, Michael Graham and Dan Williams this week was the fantastic Ghanaian journalist Gary Al-Smith. Gary who's pretty much our go-to guy for all things Africa kindly came onto the podcast to discuss the transfer and motives of Asamoah Gyan... And for those wondering, no, he didn't hold back and gave us some fantastic stuff.

So to give you a quick run down of events away from a lengthy Gyan discussion, we also had...

  • A look back at the Chelsea game.
  • Discussed Nicklas Bendtner's debut for the lads.
  • Whether or not Lee Cattermole has a future, and has the crowd turned on him?
  • Is the SoL becoming a hinderance?
  • Our favourite goals.
  • Plus we look ahead to the Stoke City match on Sunday.
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Thanks very much for listening, enjoying (hopefully) and spreading the word. It's greatly appreciated. Also another big thanks to Gary for joining us. Follow him on Twitter here - @garyalsmith

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