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Roker Rhymes: Tough Times & Asamoah's Crimes

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Roker Rhymes Header

Damn it. Here I am again, with a ditty about how depressing it is to be a Sunderland fan. No quips about three points, no joy or optimism to share with you all. No. Just me, moaning away, again.

What a treat. Let's get on with it...

It's been one of those weeks in football, with no good news - only bad,
Where the greed of the modern day player, is really rather sad.
We all loved Asamoah, but it seems it was a one way thing,
And his move to a tin-pot league, well, only a bad taste it did bring.

It's hard to be nice now, about one we liked so much,
For his dancing celebration, and his silky smooth first touch.
So f*ck you Asamoah, you lost us when you went,
To chase the shiny pound elsewhere, like Darren f*cking Bent.

And what does that mean for us now? What is our club for?
As we lose our favourite players, when someone offers them more.
And it's always our bloody strikers, the men that actually score,
Should it be Mr Bruce up next, to follow them through the door?

Chelsea was a write off, with all of the problems first,
And they totally outshone us, in terms of hunger and of thirst.
Our new man Nicklas Bentdner, was left totally on his own,
Although if he'd scored that header, his confidence would have grown.

Why did we have to let Terry score? Anyone surely, but him?
Our defending was just lacklustre, the goal itself was grim.
But hats off to Daniel Sturridge, for his cheeky back-heeled goal,
Although the signs were bad for us, they're good for England, on the whole.

And mention must go to Ji, as he bagged his first in a Sunderland shirt,
As we all hope that him and Wickham, can detract from the Gyan-sized hurt.
It's a dark time now, for us Sunderland fans, and we're still without a win,
Eight defeats in nine home games, form fit for the bin.

And is anyone confident about Stoke coming up? Their team filled with giants so tall?
Peter Crouch
and Robert Huth, who make even Wes Brown look small.
I guess I should stop moaning, and be thankful for what we've got,
But it's tough to see the positives, with the club not offering a lot.

However, onwards and upwards we go, with our men in red and white,
And hopefully Ellis and Quinny, will explain to us some of this sh*te.
And until Bruce gets his P45, we'll support him to the end,
Even though his bloody football team, is driving us around the bend.

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