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The Week That Was - Roker Report & The Best Of The Rest

The Week That Was Header
The Week That Was Header

Welcome back landlubbers, here's your Saturday installment of The Week That Was, where we round up everything that's been on Roker Report this week, plus some of our selected favorites from around the internet this week, all in one handy bundle.

So with out further ado, lets get right down to business...

Starting off on Monday, we gave you some lookalikes of the SAFC squad. Some of them anyway, we found that many of the squad just look like ordinary people...

Click Here To See Some Lookalikes!

We also had plenty of build-up to Ritchie Humphreys Testimonial this week, including The Northern Echo's Nick Loughlin giving us the low down on the man himself, as well as chatting to him. We also had our preview courtesy of David Boyle, and a match report from Michael Graham...

Click Here To Read Nick Loughlin Paying Tribute To Ritchie Humphreys
Click Here To Read Our Match Report From SAFC 3-1 Hartlepool... (Click Here For The Preview)

We also introduced a new feature - Top Ten - in which every Tuesday our man David Boyle will bring you a topical top ten pertaining to our beloved club. Since we're at the  height of summer, and we've made a lot of signings as well as wondering who's gonna come in next, David took the transfer thing to the next level, so come on over and read about SAFC's Top Ten Strangest Transfer Tales...

Click Here To Read SAFC's Strangest Transfer Tales

We've also been taking plenty of ProPlus, ensuring we can keep our eyes open at silly o'clock to take in the performances of Billy Knott and Blair Adams over in Colombia for the Under-20 World Cup. Here's how they've been getting on...

Click Here To Read Why Billy Knott Is Not A Left Winger
Click Here To Read About More Impressive Performances From Knott & Adams

Of course, Roker Report is the home of top class opinion and columns, and we have two for you on a Wednesday. First of all from Michael Graham in Captains Blog, where young Mr Graham takes a trip all the way down Memory Lane to Roker Park, and a simpler time.

Click Here To Read Captains Blog: I Left My Heart At Roker Park

And the reprobate known only as Man On The Street came back for another week, to tell us why he's p*ssed off at, well, everything following defeat at Burnley, and not signing anyone for ten minutes. Angry, angry man...

Click Here To Read Man On The Street: Doubtfire Gets Them Back To Form

There's also the release of our Podcast! Podcast number 18 would you believe, where everyone got a good kicking...everyone from Noel Edmonds to you the listener. Come and enjoy it... Also, we're sorry.

Click Here To Download On iTunes
Click Here To Download The MP3

We also had Dan Williams asking, and attempting to answer the question nobody really wanted to... Joey Barton - do you want him at SAFC? You'll have to click below to have a read...

Click Here To Read Joey Barton To SAFC - Yay Or Nay?

We had some comment on the sales of Steed Malbranque, and the impending departures of Marcos Angeleri & George McCartney. Only one of them will be fondly remembered. You'll never guess who...

Click Here Read About Our Three Latest Exits

And as we the week drew to a close, we had a look at what the blooming hell we're gonna do at left-back, incorporating a statistical comparison between Kieran Richardson, Phil Bardsley, and the outsider - John O'Shea. Who wins? You decide...

Click Here To Read "The Future Of The Left"

To finish, we had a preview of the final friendly against Hibernian today. If you're on your way, perhaps bored on the bus or train, give this a whirl to find out where to drink and what to expect. We'll have a match report over the weekend too...

Click Here To Read The Hibernian Preview

And that will just about do it to be fair, quite a fair bit on what has been a relatively quiet week! Now, of course, here's some of the best of the rest we've come across on the net this week...

We'll start off with a collaboration between the two finest Football League bloggers out there - The Two Unfortunates, and The 72 Football - as together they bring us a preview of all things Football League which kicked off for real this weekend. The lucky so and so's having proper football back... anyway, give there superb preview of the season, covering every club a read.

Click Here To Read The Seventy Two Unfortunates - Football League Preview

Gary Al-Smith provides cracking columns for ESPN, and this one is up to the usual high standard. If like me you've taken a keen interest in all things African since our influx, this is well worth a read...

Click Here To Read Gary Al-Smith's African Report

Meanwhile, we here at Roker Report have all been cheating on each other. Dan Williams has popped up as a correspondent for the Championship over on The Football Project, whilst Michael Graham will be popping up there too very soon. Maybe even by the time you read this so be sure to check back over the weekend. Even Simon Walsh has been telling Sunday Sidelines why he loves football. Give them all a read...

Click Here To Read Dan Williams On Championship Big Spenders
Click Here To Read Why Simon Walsh Loves Football

Now you should all be now signed up for our Fantasy Football League, but back in the 1970's, Fantasy Football was a completely different story. I strongly urge you to give this from Paul Brown over on Sabotage Times a read!

Click Here To Read About Fantasy Football In The 70's!

...and that will just about do it for another week, there's plenty of reading to keep you occupied over the weekend, and maybe beyond. Keep it Roker Report everyone!

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