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Man On The Street: Mrs Doubtfire Has To Go!

Man On The Street Header
Man On The Street Header

Well, I told you so.

Doubtfire doesn't have a back up plan, and we're knackered because of it.


I don't know what we all expected really. We went into that game far too confident (well, some of us did, I at least had some realism about me) and just expected to roll them over.

Yes, okay, they're sh**e, but we have to admit it: they did a number on us on Saturday. I hate Pardeui as much as the next guy, buy at least he has some semblance of an idea when it comes to tactics; Doubtfire hasn't got a f*****g clue.

Firstly, why does he still insist on playing that mug Richardson?! He's bloody awful, and he'll never be a left back as long as I've got a hole in my a**e.


Secondly, Doubtfire used to be a defender, right? Well then, why the f**k can't we defend a set-piece to save our bloody lives? Every time they got a corner we looked absolutely terrified, with dopey Anton and his sloping jaw simply standing there looking gormless, and that Ming..Mog...whatever the stupid Belgian t**t is called flapping like a woman in the 1920s.


It was so beautifully predictable that they'd score from a free-kick. That Argentinian moron trips over his own feet; the lesser (hated) of two Taylors steps up; Mingollyet is to far off his line; nil f*****g one.


And from thereon we never looked like scoring. Truth be told, we didn't all game. Yeah yeah, we put a few decent balls in, but what good is that when we have noone there to finish them? Gyan is absolutely bloody awful; £18m or whatever we got for Bent looks like a terrible deal now, doesn't it?


And I have to say, although I'm a fan of passion in football, Cattermole, Bardsley et al are complete idiots. I hate them barcode b******s as much as the next guy, but what the f**k were these two playing at? Yeah good one Bardo, get yourself sent off when we're chasing the game – t**t.


I don't reckon they deserved to win, (who does when they park the frigging bus?) but we definitely deserved to lose. Doubtfire is an idiot, and the sooner the Irishman sees this the better.


I saw on Roker Report that you were bemoaning the lack of a plan B; what about a plan A?!?!?! From the kick-off, we looked useless. Aye, we were on top, but that's only because they are bloody awful. Once we let them settle, we never had a cat in hell's chance.


I'm sorry (well, I'm not, though you know what I mean), but Doubtfire has to go. Tactically inept, probably a Mag, and dislikes playing people he's just shelled out a ton for. The Irishman is too nice so I hope to God that the Texan steps in soon and puts us all out of our misery.


Now don't even get me started on Brighton. Brighton are some sh*tty League One club or something who we chose to play against with no strikers! NO STRIKERS! How the f**k are you supposed to win without a striker or two? Sort it out Doubtfire you Mag b*stard.


Two defeats in a week and the season might as well be over, all thanks to Mrs f**king Doubtfire and the God awful plans he seems to have. Not to mention the outright lies we were told about him wanting to win a cup. Doesn't bloody look like it does it? 


Roll on getting thumped off the sheep-shaggers at the weekend...

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