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Roker Rhymes: When Writing a Rhyme, Doesn't Spell A Good Time

Roker Rhymes Header
Roker Rhymes Header

We all know what happened. I don't need to explain that. Disappointment flows though this weeks Roker Rhymes unfortunately, but it's customary to take the rough with the smooth, something we've become accustomed to following Sunderland AFC.

With this in mind though, here's this weeks Roker Rhymes, the weekly poetic review of the weekends events...

One game, we had, and that was all,
Before we had, this almighty fall.
Even though the same team, Bruce did pick,
We got beat by the Mags, it makes me sick.

The first half we weren't bad, playing quite well,
But the missed chances, were bound to tell.
And the second half, well, what can I say?
Crap against 'them', is becoming our way.

There were positives to take, from the start,
Sessegnon oozed class, he was taking part.
In a battle of wits, with the Mags' number one,
Unfortunately for us, it's a battle that Krul won.

But with no goals at half time, we were made to pay,
Could have been well ahead, on another day.
Although we were lucky when Seb made a terrific save,
From Joey Barton's header, his heroics were brave.

Now the game was filled with needle and spice,
And a few tasty tackles happened once or twice.
So let's not forget that we're not the only ones bad,
Cabaye's tackle on Bardo, was terrible for our lad.

Although that's not to excuse, what Phil later dids,
His tackle on Coloccini, was unsuitable for kids.
An x-rated shocker, it should have seen him walk,
We got kind of lucky, and of it we shall not talk.

So onto the goal, and our out of position keeper,
Letting in such a soft chance, made our route to success steeper.
The one tiny positive, if I had to pick,
Was that Steven Taylor missed the ball, the perma-tanned p***k.

But no, that's not the way to be, not bitter or too mad,
Yes I know we lost again, our play was pretty bad.
But let's be graceful in defeat, and next time we shall dick 'em,
When Brucey finally gives a chance, to that young gun Connor Wickham.

It's not the end of the world you know, to lose to our unwashed friend.
I know that it's tough for some of you, the Mags driving you round the bend.
But it's still early in the season, and improve I'm sure we can,
Changes will be made, I'm sure, and Bardsley will serve a ban.

So it's onto the South Coast we go, Brighton is a tricky task.
But the Lads will do better than Saturday, and that's all that we can ask.
Then we'll get out first win next weekend, our opening three points away,
As Brucey and the boys, visit Wales for the day.

You can keep your jerking reactions, pop your knee back in,
Let a sea of calm wash over you, fetch your season card from the bin.
And get behind the team you love, your support now is a must,
And dream of a season of success, just remember, in Bruce, we trust.

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