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Coming Soon To The Durham Times... It's Roker Report!

We'll be here soon...
We'll be here soon...

Yep, this is just a quick sort of announcement really, but one we're excited about nonetheless. I'm sure any Sunderland supporter worth their salt is following Richard Mason on Twitter. If you're not, do it here - @MasonEcho

On with the show... Richard also worked on local paper The Durham Times, and had a column about SAFC every week. Just thoughts etc on the club, a look back at the previous week whilst looking forward to the next and so forth. You know what the concept of a newspaper column is, I won't bore you further.

However, Mr Mason is so damn good, he's moving up in the world, and can't give the column the time and dedication it deserves. He has, we are delighted to say, handed over the keys to Roker Report, and we will be published both in The Durham Times, and on it's website for a weekly Sunderland AFC column.

Since there's five of us, and only one column to write per week, we're basically going to be taking it in turns, so look forward to hearing from all us over the next few weeks, months, and years if they'll have us.

We're delighted by this, so be sure to pick up a copy of The Durham Times, and look out for our first steps towards world domination.

FAO Richard Mason - Much thanks yet again.

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