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The Week That Was - All The Derby Day Build-Up & More!

All your build-up to the derby, plus more!
All your build-up to the derby, plus more!

Hello. Good God, the tension is unbearable isn't it? Thank God I'm writing this in advance, as with this being Saturday morning, I'm probably alone in a corner rocking backwards and forwards ever so slowly muttering to myself about how everything's going to be ok.

Anyway, on to why we're really here - to present you with The Week That Was. By which time you're probably getting used to this article, or at least you should be as it's here to stay.

Right here you'll find everything you need from Roker Report to get you geared up for the match, plus some of our favourite stuff from the other blogs (yes there are some) which might distract you for a little bit.

Well I don't think you need to be told what's happening later, but here's our bits and bobs to get you previewed up anyway, starting with some matchday related stuff...

  • Talking Tactics: Starting way back on Monday, Chris Weatherspoon took out his pen and scribbled some notes about Liverpool, and a few little thoughts on taking these into today's game. Go have a read by CLICKING HERE
  • Cult Heroes: This week in Cult Heroes, our man David Boyle continued his "played for both" theme, and it was yet another cracker. No, it wasn't Barry Venison or Danny Simpson, but someone much more beloved on our side - Michael Bridges! Go have a read of Cult Heroes - CLICK HERE
  • Fan Focus: In which we chat to fans of the opposition, and this week we were delighted to have spoken with The Football Ramble's very own Pete Donaldson - Get your reading on by CLICKING HERE
  • Preview: Well, it's preview time again, and we've looked at all the team news ahead of this weekend, what we think will happen, plus your suggestions and our prediction. Get prepared by CLICKING HERE
  • Podcast: This week's podcast is out, so if you're not subscribed yet, I suggest you remedy that. Go give it a listen, you'll enjoy it I promise! Or if you don't like it, well screw you, it's free, what do you want? Get yourself subscribed on iTunes by CLICKING HERE.
So that should get you through the build-up, but what other top features building up to the Wear-Tyne derby have you missed? Click below to see it all! Including some fiery opinion, interviews and much more...

It came as a surprise to literally nobody behind the scenes here at Roker Report that Michael Graham would be the one to start some shiz with this weeks Captains Blog, in which he discusses the moral fibre of both SAFC and our neighbours to the North. This is one which really is a must read, so get on it!

Click Here To Read Captains Blog

As if one opinion piece wasn't enough, we've also got your views too. This week, Man On The Street is back and you're probably aware that he's never short of a word or two. Filled with worry, doubt, and swearing, get yourself over and have a read here...

Click Here To Read Man On The Street

Continuing the derby build-up, David Boyle brought his 'A' game when he rolled out his Tuesday Top Ten, where he recounted his Top Ten Most Memorable Derby Moments.

Click Here To Read Our Top Ten

Outside of that there was also our very own Chris Weatherspoon piping in with a look at one of the most beloved men in football. A man who despite never playing or managing Sunderland has the utmost respect from our fans, and transcends local rivalry. It's the one and only - Sir Bobby Robson.

Click Here To Read Our Tribute Sir Bob

We also have a return for one week only of Roker Relives! The feature brought back for one week only, and Michael Graham stepped into the shoes of Chris to take a trip down memory lane, all the way to 1990, and that famous play-off semi-final second leg.

Click Here To Take A Trip Back In Time To 1990

We're not even done with all the derby related stuff yet, as Dan Williams comes in with a unique perspective on the game. As you might be aware, Dan is not from round these parts, but he's red and white through and through now. In this, he tells us all how as an 'outsider' he well and truly caught on to derby fever, and all things SAFC...

Click Here To Read An Outsiders View

We also have your favourite memories of Sunderland vs Newcastle clashes, presented by David Boyle. We took to Twitter (@RokerReport) to get your treasured moments and quite simply, here they are! If you sent one in, it's probably here...

Click Here For Readers Derby Memories

And to transition away from the game, we also had a fantastic interview with former SAFC winger Toby Hysen. Dan Williams sat down with the Swede and discussed his time at the club, which makes for some top class reading...

Click Here To Read Our Interview With Toby Hysen

Dan's not even done yet, as he also wrapped up the Liverpool game, and looked forward to the game today with his poetic take on things in the weekly feature 'Roker Rhymes'... Get your poetry on here...

Click Here To Read Roker Rhymes

And that's it. A metric f**k-tonne of top quality derby related articles. It's probably fair to say you won't find more comprehensive coverage of SAFC this week anywhere on the internet. However, we're not the only one's who have written some top notch stuff this week, and we like reading stuff as much as we do writing it. So here's our favourites from the week gone by which don't relate to SAFC...

Starting out across on Who Ate All The Pies, Chris Wright presented some great pictures of artwork by Leo Fitzmaurice. Leo creates football kits from cigarette packets. Smoking is definitely not cool, however these pictures are. Go have a look - CLICK HERE

Next you'll be heading on over to Metro, to see Sir Bobby Charlton dancing to Beyonce. It's not some surreal dream, it actually happened. To see Sir Bobby busting some moves, and showing the kids how it's done properly, you'll have to head on over HERE

If you haven't got yourself over to European Football Weekends yet, then you really should. Danny Last's superb website just really fills me with envy. There's been a few great articles this week following DannyAndy Hudson & Stuart Fuller as they've loaded up the EFW-Mobile and headed to the continent for a plethora of games. Maybe one day we'll get in Europe and we can do our own. Shut up, I can dream. Anyway, here's the latest from EFW - CLICKY

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