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YOUR Sunderland Vs Newcastle Memorable Moments

Sunderland Fans
Sunderland Fans

Hopefully now you will be reaching at least 7/10 on the derby feverpitch barometer having followed all the fantastic stuff we've had to whet your appetite over the last week. However with the Derbies being arguably the most important fixtures on the footballing calendar we thought it would only be fair to give you, our fantastic fanbase, a chance to join in the debate.

So, if you are a savvy social media type you will be aware that Roker Report is pretty much available to you 24/7 via the medium of Twitter. This is also where we asked you to get in touch with your favourite Derby Day memory from years gone by. Not necessarily a goal or a result but the incidents that stand out and make the day that bit more special.

So if you put forward a suggestion keep reading to see if your name is "in lights" as Simon Walsh promised!

@hunnsy kept things nice, simple and to the point:

"Patrice Carteron"

@76skelly hit us up with two suggestions:

"Shearer's face as he saw his penalty saved"

"Seeing people in the Fulwell duck as Paul Hardyman nearly put Burridge into the crowd"

@Fergus_the_cat took time out from his busy schedule of napping to send us a few tweets, even a smiley text face, clever Kitty!

"Coming back from the second 2-1 on the bus. People waving out of the Railway Tavern windows at us. Was like coming back from war"

"Watching MOTD in Brogans after that game too and going mental. They played "The Mighty Quinn" and the whole pub sang it :)"

@Grim72ftm, or Graham Halliday to his marra's, got up close and personal with our Magpie brothers, maybe a little too close:

"Being in the home end at SJP when we scored. I couldn't help but go wild, not sure how I survived, put it down to being a kid"

Dan Savage, @IAmDapperDan, had a Mystic Meg moment with his buddy @Kev_safc:

"Nudging @Kev_safc as Richardson stepped up for THAT freekick and I said "he's gonna score here". You all know the rest"

Some say that disco is dead but not if @Discoking69 has anything to do with it. Richard Sowerby got in touch to remind us of an infamous meat based missile:

"Seeing Ginola get hit with a meat pie"

@AsamoahDan, real name Daniel McWaters, sent us the following collection of vowels and consonants:

"Seeing @mickygray33 celebrate after setting up Sir Niall. You could just see the passion and emotion in his face"

Paul Turnbull, @paultur82, had a flashback from the beamback:

"At the beamback at the sol when Tommy saved the pen, two rows from the front, my mate jumped up and both feet went on top of the seat in front, catapulting him over the rows into the walkway! He didn't mind though"

Tom Nathan White of @TheSafcDebate fame on twitter put forward one of my all time favourite goals, but I'm pretty sure I was able to celebrate it a lot more safely than he was!

"The Phillips chip in the pouring rain at St. James' I was there... In the middle of the home fans"

Last but by no means least, Simon Walsh, @SimoWalsh, had some tales to tell. We allowed him a little more than the 140 characters, he is the gaffer after all:

"The 2-1 game at the SoL a few years ago, I was on crutches following a broken hip. First I had t hop through the Mags end on my crutches, and promptly slipped on some surface water. Luckily not further injured, and if SAFC are reading - you're lucky I didn't ham it up, and also hate those "where there's blame there's a claim" adverts. Nicely a few Mags helped me up. Having took my seat in the front row of the South Stand, crutches under the seat trying not to get too excited, I couldn't hold it in any more when Richardson's freekick broke the net. I leaped to my feet, sans crutches, hopping around on one leg going mental whilst my Dad constantly told me to "sit down, you're supposed to be in pain"

Also, like Dan Savage earlier in this article, he had a premonition too...

The 2-1 in the rain game, I was on holiday in Spain. We went to a restaurant in the town the night the match was on, and they had Rangers v Parma on in the little waiting area. At half-time they rounded up the other scores and I saw we were one nil down. I told anyone within earshot that we'd come back to win 2-1. Quinn & Phillips would score, and was only about 5 minutes out with the goals too. When we found out I was right me and a mate jumped and screamed with delight. Then I realized we were in a restaurant in Spain, not at home, and turned around to about 20-30 gawping faces who must have been thinking "what the hell's wrong with them lot?"

That's your lot my friends. Feel free to chip in with your Derby Day Memories in the comments below! Little over 24 hours to go now... HA'WAY THE LADS!

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