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Roker Rhymes: A Day Out At Anfield...

Roker Rhymes Header
Roker Rhymes Header

Hello there boys and girls, and welcome back to the ever-popular (well, in my head anyway) world of Roker Rhymes.

We all know what happened at Anfield, so rather than hear me go on about it, just check out the match report from Saturday. Instead, I'll try to entertain you with a bit of my lyrical larks.

Oh god, we miss the football,
When it is away.
But it would have been nicer,
Not to start with Liverpool away.

And as if things weren't hard enough,
For our boys in blue.
Keiron's concentration left him,
And Suarez raced on through.

And the mistakes just kept on coming,
As Luis rounded Mig.
But it looked like he'd been shot,
The touch was nothing big.

But the penalty is actually still going,
Just flying through the sky.
It was hard to not be delighted,
As the Reds fans started to cry.

But that pain was rather short lived,
Didn't take the Uruguayan long to score.
As Charlie Adam whipped one in,
And a set piece undid us once more.

As Downing rattled the crossbar,
Things were looking bleak.
We were lucky to be one down at half time,
Our tactics needed a tweak.

I've no idea what Brucey said,
He had the hair dryer on full blast.
And all of a sudden we were playing,
With a bit of energy at last.

And although Gyan wasn't at his best,
And was a little off the ball.
His work up top was tireless,
And his pass to Elmo was a great call.

Last year we had complaints,
About the winger's finished game.
He usually couldn't put a good ball in,
But Liverpool wasn't the same.

His crossed floated to the far post,
And waiting was our lovely Swede.
To raise off the floor like a hero,
His volley was a different breed.

And that was about it for Saturday,
But we need to mention Wes Brown.
His head may look like a baked bean,
But the guy's certainly no clown.

His defending was as good as flawless,
As he kept Carroll at bay.
And he got stronger and stronger,
As the minutes ticked away.

So on we go to the derby,
The biggest game of all?
On paper, surely we're the better team,
But in that game, that means sod all.

Football's on the brain again though,
And will be until next Saturday aft.
When our whole town goes loopy,
And totally football daft.

I wish I could be there with you all,
Screaming, shouting, cheering and more.
And hugging the stranger next to me,
When Gyan pops up to score...

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