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The Week That Was... Everything On Roker Report, Plus The Best Of The Blogs!

The Week That Was... All your SAFC needs wrapped up in a handy bundle.
The Week That Was... All your SAFC needs wrapped up in a handy bundle.

Ah welcome back young Padawan, I'm glad you could join us once again for The Week That Was. A feature where you'll find everything that's been on this site this week, plus our favourites from around the internet give some praise.

This week of course we've been mainly building up to the Liverpool game, but there's plenty of other stuff going on as well aside from that, including interviews and predictions from some of the biggest names in the game.

Come join us, have a read, you might like it!

So as you're aware the only place to get your fix of build-up to the weekends game is on Roker Report, where we come at you from all angles to give what we'd consider, comprehensive coverage.

So without further ado, here's the scoop...

  • Talking Tactics: This returns every Monday after a summer hiatus, so get used to it. In this feature, Chris Weatherspoon breaks down the weekend's action and tries to work out what the bloody hell we're doing with ourselves. Give it a read - CLICK HERE
  • Cult Heroes: David Boyle rolls out Cult Heroes for a second season, this year with a twist too - we're highlighting players who played for both ourselves, and the opposition. Please be aware we're not actually putting them up there with SuperKev or Raich Carter, just want to dish out some praise for someone who did fairly well in their time here. In profile this week, Djibril CisseCLICK HERE
  • Fan Focus: Want to know how the Liverpool fans are feeling headed into the weekend? Look no further, as we spoke to ace Liverpool blogger, author and all round sound guy, Paul Tomkins of The Tomkins Times. Go have a read, it's marvelous - CLICK HERE
  • Preview: We also have the preview, courtesy of yours truly. We've got the team news ahead of the game, what we think might happen, and your song choices. Yep, it's all interactive and sh*t now. Go have a read, or indeed a listen - CLICK HERE
  • Podcast: Aside from insulting pretty much everyone, and our fellow Roker Reporters on the Podcast, we did at times look at the Liverpool game. Well worth a listen. Also, we're sorry. There's a shiny new intro though which should be exciting - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
Elsewhere around Roker Report this week you'll have found yourself lured in on Monday by the return of Roker Rhymes. For the uninitiated, this is our boy Dan Williams rattling of some poetic prose every Monday to cap off the weeks action. This week he's reviewed up an entire summer in one poem. Give it one - CLICK HERE

Also continuing this week is David Boyle's topical Top Ten article, which comes out every Tuesday. This week, the alien bothering Mr Boyle was trying to decide the best opening day fixtures in SAFC's history. Go have a read and see if you agree with the order he settled on - CLICK HERE

We also had time to profile our latest signing, James McClean, who arrived this week from Derry City. Well, I say we, but actually it was Michael Graham who got in touch with a League of Ireland fanzine, and Derry fans to boot, to give us everything we, you and your mother want to know about the lad - CLICK HERE

It just wouldn't be Roker Report if Michael Graham wasn't having a whinge, and he didn't disappoint in a very angry Captains Blog this week. The captain quite rightly ranting on Fabio Capello, and all the latest pile of crap to come out the Italian's mouth. Well worth a read, so CLICK HERE

We also have our predictions for the season ahead. Well, not our predictions because quite frankly we're nobodies, so we sought out some opinion makers. If you want the views of Jonathan Wilson, Richard Mason, George Caulkin, Chris Young and David Jones off of the telly, you'll want to CLICK HERE

Not content with that, we also popped open our contacts and got in touch with some former SAFC players. Notably Nicky Summerbee, Mart Poom, Dickie Ord and Marcus Stewart. If you want to know how they feel about our boys headed into the season ahead, you'll be best off CLICKING HERE

And to round up the week we had a fantastic interview. Some label him a maverick, others an enigma. All I know is we had a great talk with Kieron Brady. A truly gripping read, so I'd suggest you hop all over it right now. Open, honest, frank and articulate. A refreshing change from your usual footballer interview - CLICK HERE

And that's it from us. If you're sick of reading our stuff then check out these delights from around the interwebs. It might not be entirely recent, but they've certainly captured our imaginations...

Starting off with perhaps the standard-bearers in football blogs, podcasts and GLOLS, its The Football Ramble - A great read on their blog from Dermot Corrigan who has given us all the scoop on Malaga. Free spending Malaga show how you can be mega-rich, and not complete gimps. Check it out by CLICKING HERE!

This next one is quite simply awesomeness by simplicity. Confused? Ed Malyon's excellent Valderramarama site has a gallery of Misspelt Footballers. Just follow this link, you'll see what I mean, and you will certainly enjoy it. In fact, I wish I'd thought of it - CLICK HERE

And I'll leave you with this. Every single football kit in the Premier League reviewed in a short but frank fashion. A top read from Liquid Football. Here's part one, which takes you through Arsenal to NewcastleCLICK HERE and part two which takes you through Norwich to Wolves - CLICK HERE

And that's it. Enjoy Liverpool, or at least try too. Stick around Roker Report for a match report later on!

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