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The Roker Report Podcast: Episode 14 – Agents, Aliens and… Nandos

Welcome along to episode 14 of the Roker Report podcast.

In a change from the regular scheduling, I (Dan Williams) took time out from getting sunburn in France to have a chat with Chris Weatherspoon, and Simon Walsh took his place on  the other side of the proverbial desk, finding out what life is like in the cheap seats

On the show this week we discussed/ranted about...

  • The signings of Dong, Westwood, Larsson, Wickham and Gardner.
  • Pesky agents, and Mr Gyan.
  • Our preferred starting line-ups and formations.
  • Aliens, politicians and footballer’s obsession with Nandos.
  • Plus plenty more, including John O’Shea, Marcus Stewart and the Northern League football action taking place at the weekend.

As ever, you can grab the show on iTunes by searching for Roker Report Podcast or something like that, or to save the bother go, you can just pop straight to this handy link that we’ve been kind enough to pop up for you -

Or for those who aren’t iTunes fans/users you can grab the MP3 file from

Enjoy the show, spread the word, and please, please leave me a bit of feedback about my hosting. I realise that I need a new microphone, so feel free not to mention the sound quality, but discussing the show in general would be much appreciated.


From Simon: The reason for the delay, is the sound levels were all over the place, despite us doing nothing different to what we do every week, so we kinda fixed it, a bit, it just took a while. It wasn't Dan's fault at all as he did a fine job hosting, we're blaming technology, the French, and French technology. You should too. Just one of them things really.

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