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The Week That Was... Your New Saturday SAFC/Footballing Digest

The Week That Was Header
The Week That Was Header

Hello everyone, welcome to what will be a new little series each and every Saturday to give you a round-up of everything which has happened on Roker Report this week, and a glance at some of our favourite things from around the interwebs this week. So lets get straight down to business...

On Roker Report this week...

The week has been dominated by Chris Weatherspoon's excellent five-part series on Niall Quinn's return to SAFC, his five year plan and a trip down memory lane which has been very enjoyable...

Click Here To Read Part One - "The Beginning"
Click Here To Read Part Two - "Plans & Progress"
Click Here To Read Part Three - "Survival"
Click Here To Read Part Four - "The Next Level?"
Click Here To Read Part Five - "Keep That Door Open..."

Also we've been keeping abreast of other things on the pitch, and we've been reporting from the Monchengladbach friendly, as well as Kilmarnock. We'll also have a match report from Burnley on here soon too. Hell, There's even previews from David Boyle too...

Click Here To Read About Borussia Monchengladbach - (Click Here For Preview)
Click Here To Read About Kilmarnock - (Click Here For Preview)
Click Here For Essential Info About Burnley

The Captain might have been a little miffed that his spot on Wednesday morning for Captains Blog was taken by Chris, but he still managed to churn out a little gem of an article about the left-hand side of our team. I'd suggest you read it or he might get even more irate...

Click Here To Read Captains Blog - "The Perpetual Lack Of Lefties Must End"

We also released our latest Podcast. We're up to number seventeen now for those keeping score. Come and download it, and enjoy a firey show chock full with SAFC chat, boobs and arguing.

Click Here To Download On iTunes
Click Here To Download The MP3

And we also had the launch of our fantasy football league. It's completely free to enter, and if 100 of you lot sign-up to play, the top prize will be £100! Can't argue with that can you? Get yourself involved by following this link...

Enter Our FREE Fantasy Football League & Win £100 Cash!

Our favourites from around the web...

On the BT Life's A Pitch website, Jonathan Wilson has bemoaned the lack of connection with the current SAFC squad, and hwo it wasn't like that in his day...

Click Here To Read "Why Fans Have Fallen Out Of Love With Players"

Over on the always amazing In Bed With Maradona site, Stuart Fuller has taken a look at those who build stadiums out of Lego. It's a great read, and some class pictures. I'm sure we all used to do it as a kid didn't we? Didn't we? Ok just me then. Oh and these guys of course...

Click Here To Have A Read Of "Build It And They Will Come"

Over on Four Four Two's website, Jack Lang, who I believe is usually writing about Brazilian football on Snap Kaka Pop, has looked at eight great goals which were wasted in friendly games. Go have a read, and a watch as there's videos.

Click Here To Read/Watch "Eight Amazing Goals Wasted In Friendlies"

Surreal Football have taken a look at bad writing by journalists in their usual way. Hilarious, and bang on the money as per usual from the mysterious Neil Isaacs and co...

Click Here To Read "Lets Look At Some Bad Writing By Journalists"

Speaking of journalists, this little article is one to take a look at. Whilst it doesn't concern football, it shows step-by-step just how a rumour can start on Twitter and spread like wildfire. Next time you get worked up about something, take a look at this...

Click Here To Read "Why You Should Stop Trusting Twitter"

And that will just about do it to be honest. Laters.

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