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Enter The Roker Report Fantasy League For Free & Win CASH!

Get yourself there now, and in with a chance of winning cold hard cash!
Get yourself there now, and in with a chance of winning cold hard cash!

Afternoon folks, I need 100 of you to help us out!

It is in the football fan's nature to think that he, or she, know's best. Whether you have an opinion on who should be our first choice goalkeeper, who the best midfielder in the Premier League is, or even the best of all time, it is likely that you 'know best', and in your eyes, everyone else is wrong.

To test this theory, we at Roker Report will be running our very own fantasy football league this season, and we'll see who has bragging rights come May.

You may have seen me doing a small poll on the website to see if anyone would be willing to pay to play... In the end, we decided against that, and instead will be running the league through The Metro's site. However, worry not, there are still HUGE prizes up for grabs for overall and weekly winners (with The Metro). What's more, if we get 100 teams in the league, then we are eligible for a £100 prize for the winner of our own private league, so get your friends, family and whoever else you can think of involved, and one lucky Roker Report lover will be taking home some lovely cash.

Signing up couldn't be easier. Just take yourself over to and create your team. You will need a squad of 15 players, but the formation, captain and such is totally up to you. As soon as that's done, just press the private leagues button and enter the pin -- 15126 -- and you're in. To make sure you have the right place, the league is called Roker Report.

So to remind you, thats:

League Name: Roker Report
PIN: 15126

In addition to battling it out among ourselves, we should receive regular updates from The Metro about how our blog is doing in comparison to other popular ones, meaning that not only get to win a nice lump of money, but also get to stick it to the Mags at the same time. Win-win if I ever did hear it.

So what are you waiting for? Get over there and pick the players that are going to win you some cash, right now! And remember, this really is a case of 'the more, the merrier', so grab anyone that you can to get involved too.

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