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What's Happening Next Season On Roker Report? Well, Let Us Tell You...

There seems to have been a spike in readers and listeners since the start of the pre-season, so newbies, we welcome you with open arms. Come on in, make yourself at home. Older readers know exactly what we're about but we are making one or two tweaks to our regular features for next season.

Without further ado, here's what we've got planned...

Monday's On Roker Report...

Monday's will be the new home of two features. First up on a Monday to kick off the week with style will be Talking Tactics from Chris Weatherspoon. Now many of you will be familiar with Talking Tactics, but we're giving it a bit of a face-lift and while it will touch on being a tactical review of the weekends game, it will also be more of a column talking about things used in recent weeks, tactical trends used by SAFC and much more. Very much looking forward to that one.

On Monday afternoons you'll be graced with the poetic styling of Dan Williams. Dan will be continuing his Roker Rhymes feature from last season, which rounds up the previous weeks news and action like only he can.

Tuesday's On Roker Report...

Tuesdays we don't have particularly regular feature for you. Tuesdays used to be the home of Fan Focus Part Two, where we'd catch up with our Fan Focuser from the previous week and get their thoughts on the game. We're knocking part two of Fan Focus on the head though as it was simply too much of a faff trying to get people to respond, some of whom chose not to respond at all after a particularly bad rsult for their team. I'm looking at you Arsenal and Blackpool fans in particular.

Plus lets face it, we shouldn't be dragging Saturdays game out until Tuesday.

We do record the Podcast on Tuesdays though, so this will be the last day to send us a question on Twitter - @RokerReport and possibly have your discussion point raised on the show, so get following and asking. You can ask us any time, but this will be the last day.

So all in all, no regular feature on a Tuesday, we might use it for one off articles, rants, raves, and a bit of news.

Wednesday's on Roker Report...

Wednesdays will kick off with the ever popular Captains Blog by Micheal Graham. For the uninitiated Micheal will be giving us his thoughts every week on basically whatever he's been pondering over the last week in connection with the club. Often controversial, but never short of an honest opinion, make sure you check it out.

Remember Man On the Street from a few weeks back? Well he's going to be back each and every week from the start of the season. We've been bombarded with emails from the fella, and we eventually gave in and allowed him to provide a counter-point to the Captains Blog you'll have no doubt read in the morning.

So there you have Wednesdays. The home of informed and ill-informed opinion on Roker Report. I'll let you decide which is which!

Thursday's on Roker Report...

Well Thursdays will start our warm up to the weekend's game, and you can get yourself in the mood by listening to the award nominated, iTunes Top 10, Roker Report Podcast. Not just blowing our own trumpets here, but it's SAFC's only representation in the Podosphere that isn't official, and we'll be providing our thoughts on all matters Sunderland.

Thursdays are also the new home of David Boyle's quite marvellous Cult Heroes feature. We've shifted Cult Heroes to be part of the build up to the weekend, and we're hoping to be able to find a well loved player who played for ourselves, and our opposition that week.

You'll notice here we've knocked Roker Relives on the head, as quite simply we're gonna run out of games.

Friday's on Roker Report...

Fridays is where the action begins for the weekends game with Fan Focus. Fan Focus is where Simon Walsh finds a fan of the opposition and gets their thoughts headed into the game. We've had a great selection so far last season including fellow podcasters, journalists and the best bloggers in the business. We're very hopeful that will continue.

Fridays will also see the Match Preview brought by Simon Walsh. The preview is getting an overhaul from last season, and will be basically more readable, more concise, and also have input from you the reader, so keep an eye on our Twitter for how you can get involved in the site.

Saturday's on Roker Report...

Saturday morning, we'll be bringing you The Week That Was which is your handy guide to everything that's been on Roker Report this week, just in case you missed it.

Of course Saturday afternoons are usually match days, and within a few hours of the final whistle we'll be bringing you honest assessment on the game in our Match Report. Luckily for us, we're just an internet commodity, with no club to suck up to like some of the papers or the official site, and we'll call things as we see it with thoughts, opinions and ratings.

Sunday's on Roker Report...

Day of rest. Even we need sleep sometimes. Luckily we're not on telly much, so should actually be able to accomplish this one.

We'll also be dotting in bits of news as and when we feel it's something worth writing about, but for the bulk of news you'll want to check out The Roker Report Podcast. There's a link to it on the left hand side of this page if you're not subscribed like thousands of others already (no really, there are thousands).

That's whats happening anyway. We hope. Midweek games will send everything t*ts up, but we will aim to hit on all the main features every week.

Enjoy our site, subscribe to the Podcast, read our ramblings, and keep the faith.

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