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The Roker Report Podcast: Episode 16 – The Pig & The Bull


Welcome old listeners and new ones alike to The Roker Report Podcast, now in its 16th episode. Now surprisingly free of technical difficulties.

With everyone seemingly far too busy watching films about wizards, looking at sheep and stuff like that to talk about the lads, the onus was on Simon Walsh & Dan Williams alone to force a show out, and they certainly did.

On the show this week the following were in the firing line...

  • Chales N’Zobiyawnnnnn
  • Craig Gordyawwwnn
  • Our favourite SAFC memories
  • Farmyard animals
  • Pink seats
  • Friendly opinions

And a whole lot more, which despite just editing it together, I can’t seem to remember. However, if you’re Welsh or French, we mean no offence. It’s just a few jokes.

Anyway, go have a listen, its topper SAFC chat, every week. As far as we’re aware the only SAFC dedicated podcast, which isn’t watered down by the club itself, so give it a go!

To get involved just subscribe on iTunes with the following link... - Might as well, it’s not like it’s gonna cost you anything.

And we’ve taken care of those who are against Apple and all its products, and you can get the MP3 file direct to whatever you want right here –

Thanks for listening, and spread the word far and wide if you like us!

Cheers and bye!

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