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The Roker Report Podcast: Episode 15 – All Aboard The Pie Train


Hello you. Welcome along to episode 15 of the Roker Report Podcast. Yet again another show fraught with technical issues, however the sound quality is back to its usual decent self you’ll be pleased to hear... as we go on in the show you’ll see exactly what went wrong last week.

On the show this week alongside Simon Walsh was a returning David Boyle, whilst Dan Williams was back in the cheap seats on the other side of the desk... when Skype and the French allowed it.

We did manage to squeeze in the following bits of chit chat...

  • John O’Shea, Wes Brown & David Vaughan’s signings, and what we’re gonna do with them now we have them.
  • Why Jermain Defoe can’t hold a candle to the work of Asamoah Gyan.
  • A bit about Simon’s experiences at Northern Leagues United.
  • Lots of talk about sausages, pies and sausage pie trains.
  • What’s happening on Roker Report in the future.

...and a whole lot more, including CAPSman.

So if you want to download this magnificent podcast, you can do so in the following ways, by getting yourself subscribed on iTunes here –

Or if you have some sort of generic MP3 player, a non-iPhone or indeed anything else, you can get the MP3 file directly from

Thank you for listening, and keep spreading the word about the best SAFC dedicated podcast.

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