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That 35-yarder Was The Best Goal I Ever Scored! - Dickie Ord Speaks To Roker Report

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And so it continues. The interviewees keep on coming for us in Roker Report Towers, and I'm sure you will agree that today's 'guest' is as loved in the hearts and memories of Sunderland fans as anyone.

We at the Stadium of Light are truly passionate about our home-grown stars. Take Jordan Henderson for instance, and I would even go as far as saying that we loved Grant Leadbitter, let's be honest, it was because of where he called home, rather than his football talent.

So, with that in mind, it was my pleasure and privlege to be able to talk to a proper Sunderland star, and one that spent his youth in the same way as many of us, in the stands at Roker Park.

So without further ado, lads and lasses, may I present to you, Roker Report meets Dickie Ord.

Hi Dickie, as a Sunderland fan from a young age, what's your favourite memory of supporting the lads?

Dickie: Going to Roker Park with my Dad and his mates. My Dad made me a special wooden seat which he used to put on one of the barriers at the back of the Roker End, when that end was massive. As a six year old I thought it was the best place in the world! The atmosphere, and I'd even go as far as saying the smell of the place were unbelievable.

How did it feel when you stepped out onto the pitch for 'your team'?

Dickie: It felt like I achieved my ambition in life. All I had ever dreamt about was playing for my beloved Sunderland, and so to play once would have done for me... But to play over 300 times was both an honour and a privilege.

And what is your favourite memory of playing for Sunderland?

Dickie: My debut. It's an old cliché I know, but it was a dream come true, and to cap it all off, the game was at Roker Park and we won 7-0!

Who was the best player that you went up against in training, and who did you enjoy playing alongside the most?

Dickie: The best player I played with at the club, though it pains me to say it, was Marco. There was a period of time when he was simply unplayable. There was a game, against Man Utd, which springs to mind when he tore Pallister and Bruce apart. 

The player I most enjoyed playing along was Andy Melville. He was a very under-rated player who, a lot like myself, was not the quickest, but could read the game very well. At times it felt like we had a telepathic understanding of what each other was going to do."

Who was the best player the that you played against, or who presented the biggest challenge?

Dickie: There are three players which I found tough to deal with. Sheringham, Bergkamp and Cantona! (That's quite the list - Dan) All three played in a similar which was in a position, just behind the midfield and in front of the defence, so it made it a difficult decision whether to mark them or pass them on. Either way, they always created space for other people - and all three are legends in there own right.

I read recently that you still have a season ticket at the SOL? Is that still the case?

Dickie: No, I don’t have a season ticket any more due to the fact I am the manager of Durham City - which conflicts with the fixtures. However, I am a member of the Former Players Association, which means I can get two free tickets to every home game, which my parents use. I do manage to get to the odd fixture, which enables me to take my two sons, Liam, who is 16, and Charlie who is 12, and both support the club.

Do you still keep in touch with the guys that you played with?

Dickie: I speak to Gary Owers almost daily, and bump into the odd one now and again due to my work in Soccarena.

Do you have a 'favourite player' at the club now?

Dickie: At the moment, it would have to be Phil Bardsley, he gives 100% in every game, and scores the odd waxer!

If you had to pick one Premier League player that you would class as similar to you, who would it be?

Dickie: Johnny Evans from Manchester United reminded me a lot of myself during his time at Sunderland.

Next up, we ask this of all our interviewees, who would you put in a 4-4-2 of the best players that you played with during your career?

Dickie: Goalkeeper - Given; Defence - Kay, Melville, Bennett, Scott; Midfield - Summerbee, Ball, Clarke, Johnston and Forwards - Phillips, Quinn

How did you get into the current work that you do at Soccerena?

Dickie: Well, I started playing for Durham City AFC, and the carrot was that I would get a full time job running the academy. In the end, however, I ended up buying shares!

And I couldn't go without asking about the goal against Grimsby...

Dickie: Which one? There were two!!! The 35-yarder at the Fulwell End was the best goal that I ever scored, and the side foot into the Roker End was the most important due to the fact that we went on a winning running run in the year that we got promoted!


And with that, I'd like to thank Dickie for taking the time out to have a few words with us. As I said at the beginning, I'm 100% that every single one of us has positive memories of him, and it was a real treat to get a bit of insider knowledge about his time at the club.

Dickie is now involved in Soccarena, which you can check out by visiting their website here. All of us at Roker Report would like to wish him the very best in the future, and if you have a spare weekend when the Lads aren't playing, why not take yourself along to check out Durham City, and their famous manager?

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