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The New Roker Report Podcast Is Out Now!!!


Hello everyone, The Roker Report Podcast Episode 11 is coming in your ears.

We’re back for another episode taking on all your questions, well, most of them anyway, and also tackling a bit of news to boot. Here’s what you’ll find on this week’s show...

  • Transfer Rumors discussed
  • Hating on certain folks on Twitter... you know who you are.
  • Naming our worst XI of all time

...And all sorts of other great stuff, all on Sunderland’s best podcast.

All we ask from you guys is to listen, enjoy, maybe laugh, maybe get angry, whatever you like... but what you must do is tell everyone you know about the show if you like it!

We don’t do much begging, but we’d love people to spread the word about the show! Tell your mates, your work mates, if you’re the sort of guy who talks to randomers on the street then do that. We’d massively appreciate it.

Much love, and more of the same next week, and in fact every week for as long as there’s a football club in Sunderland.

Laters y’all!

To download the show, all you have to do is get subscribed on iTunes, which is completely FREE so what's the excuse? Go get it from this link... ...or just search iTunes for it.

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