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Northern Masters Competition Winners Announced!

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Well this is a very short post indeed just to give a shout out to our two luck recipients of Family tickets to the Selco Northern Masters, held this Sunday June 12th at the Braehead Arena. Sunderland are the defending champions of the Northern Masters Trophy, and this year will be taking on a cluster of Scottish teams.

It's a stellar line-up for the lads which include Chris Makin, Martin Smith, Mickey Gray and Marco Gabbiadini!

The two lucky winners are Graham Halliday and Rab Stewart. Well done guys for correctly telling us that Chris Makin, was indeed signed from Marseille.

Your two Family tickets (thats two adults and two kids) will be at the Braehead Arena Box Office for you to pick up, but we will email you more details.

Congratulations, enjoy the day out.

Big thanks to the Selco Northern Masters for giving us the tickets to give away. If you're envious of Graham & Rab, as you should be, then you can get your own tickets from here -

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