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Roker Rhymes: And... We're Back!

You all know what happened, you know we are three points better off than before, and you know that ol' Brucey's good record against Bolton continues...

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Roker Rhymes.

Who would have thought it? Through all the doom and gloom,
That our squad of broken soldiers, would visit the Reebok with a boom?
That our Dutchman Bolo Zenden, would tear the Trotters apart?
He may have old man's legs, but he's still a young gun at heart!

We didn't have it our own way, the papers said 'smash and grab'
But who are we to argue? With three points in the bag.
Another top performace from Sess, and the winner by the Munt'
Will it persuade our Brucey, that he's worth a little punt?

But still we made it tricky, conceding near the end,
It looked like another afternoon, to drive us round the bend.
But Sulley he came good, and we all did see the light,
Even though his goal, was given to Zat Knight.

And an honourable mention to Bardo, for the crazy Manc' Scot,
Somehow got his head on, Kevin Davies' shot.
How he did it I'll never know, but the ball and his head did meet,
And we can be optimistic for next week, when Mick and Wolves we greet.

And all of a sudden it's back on, a top ten finish is in sight,
We have to play the two Ws, West Ham away, Wolves at the Stadium of Light.
And wins there are both possible, could actually send both teams down,
But for now let's just bask in the glory, of three points, and no longer frown.

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