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Sunderland v Bolton Wanderers Game Thread

Well then everyone welcome to the Game Thread for chit-chat, banter and all out rage before and during SAFC's trip to the Reebok Stadium to face Bolton Wanderers.

To get involved with us, simply register. It takes all of 2 minutes, and costs you nothing, all you've got to do is click over on the right hand side where it says "Start Posting On Roker Report"... We aren't even going to send you spam or any of that stuff either, so come and get involved.

Ok, now you've done that, enjoy these delicious links to all our pre-match build-up as you sit down, pour a large whiskey,  and prepare for all today's action.

The Preview! - Where we find ourselves predicting results, teams and that sort of thing.

The Betting! - Where you can make some money from our inevitable demise.

The Classic! - Relive a day when Sunderland actually won at Bolton.

The Fans View! - We chat with a fan of the opposition to get their opinions on the game.

The Podcast! - For when words are simply too much, just listen to us talk complete arse.

So there you have it, every angle covered, and all in one handy place. Come and get involved with the Roker Report, and the Roker Report's writers, here in this very thread. Make a comment, go on, be brave!


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